Apr 18, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry (7) sets the play as Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd (2) defends during the third quarter at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Rockets 117-110. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Too clever by half

We wake to learn the profoundly disappointing news of Nash’s decision to accept a sign-&-trade to the Lakers.   Captain Canada claims he is concerned about staying close to his children, and the least-bad solution is to keep them in Phoenix while commuting from La-La Land.   Some in the local media think BC has left the Raps in worse shape than if he didn’t make the attempt to lure Nash, but I don’t buy that.   BC would have been thrashed mercilessly if he didn’t step up.   I see no use in replaying this entire gambit to see where Colangelo failed.  He was rebuffed, as were other teams’ GMs.   Put it in the rear-view mirror, folks.

Colangelo is clearly feeling the hot wind of professional oblivion blowing in his face, as his wheeling & dealing continues to dominate headlines.  Landry Fields, an allegedly starter-grade small forward, has reportedly signed an offer sheet.  Oh joy.   This move was supposed to render the Knicks impotent in the Nash derby, but now is the only tangible result of Colangelo’s ill fated chess game.   To my eyes, Fields is the most expensive consolation (or booby) prize ever.   This guy had a solid start to his rookie campaign, which got the Big Apple press in a tizzy as he looked like a “find”.  He has since returned to the form which caused him to be a second-round draft pick.   Showcase him in pre-season, then dump him.  The Raps have been involved in talks for Andre Iguodala, so maybe the 76ers would take Fields and Kleiza?  We can dream.

The Raps have seemingly finalized a deal with Houston, in which we’ll receive PG Kyle Lowry, in exchange for a stale Timbit (Gary Forbes) and an Mystery Prize (a first-round draft pick).   Assuming Lowry is completely healthy, which is not a given, this deal is so much better than overpaying the fortunate Fields that I wonder if the same GM made both deals.   Jose Calderon’s future as a Rap is murky, to say the least, and I will be most surprised if  he and Fields are on the roster by the trade deadline.

It’s timely for me to talk next about the theory and practice of  NBA trades, so please drop by in a few days.

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