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Bryan C - Don't confuse motion with action


On the Raps, the guards come and go/cursing at Colangelo…Apologies to T.S. Eliot for riff on “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

BC, you’re giving me a headache.  We get Fields, who presumably will battle DeRozan for the starting job at the 2.  Kyle Lowry arrives from Houston for Gary Forbes and is anointed our starting Point Guard, without ever having stepped on the floor in a Raps uniform.  Jose Calderon, who’s been a trouper even in the darkest times, seems earmarked to be unceremoniously dumped using the amnesty provision.     Jerryd Bayless remains as the clearcut first guard off the bench.  But wait – BC decides to withdraw Bayless’ offer, so the mystified Jerryd can sign with anyone he likes.   Sonny Weems also gets tossed overboard.   (You couldn’t get something for their rights, BC?)  And we have an under-the-radar draft pick named Terrence Ross, who’s going to need some serious minutes at SG in order to develop, but won’t get them.

Are you confused yet?

The Raps now have no depth at PG, and a logjam at the SG spot.  All the speculation about how the arrival of  Fields allows DeMar to move to Small Forward misses one critical point: DD has never played there.  A starting 5 of Jonas V, Andrea, DeMar, Fields, & Lowry is greener than a pool table.  Every player is either new to the Raps, or to his position.  In a season where the Raps need to win in order to reconnect with their fans, this outfit could be 10-31 before they start to resemble a team.

I can’t countenance the idea that the Raps have roster room and money for Landry Fields, but none for Bayless.  The team has been patient with this guy, he looks like he’s returning to full health, he’s young, he can defend, he wants to be a Rap – and now he’s an UFA.  Aaron Gray, who’s a pylon, just accepted a Raps offer.  Linas (Everhurt) Kleiza has a multi-year contract.

Late last season, BC nearly broke his arm patting himself on the back for gaining a bauble called Financial Flexibility.  If this is what he’s going to do with his shiny new toy, maybe the grownups should take it away.



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