Olympics Basketball 2012: France beats Lithuania

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. France defeated Lithuania 82-74, in a game that all but sealed the Balticmen’s departure from medal contention.  Lithuania had a 4-point lead at halftime, but must have left their offense in the dressing room, as they only managed 9 points in Q3.  The French, led in scoring by Tony Parker’s 27 points, bent but didn’t break in Q4.  The Lithuanians closed within 4 with less than a minute to play, but were forced to foul, and France prevailed.

The Raptors’ players, Kleiza & Valanciunas, continued to play exactly as they had in the previous games. Linas scored, and JV sat. Kleiza led his team with 17 points on 5-8 shooting inside the arc, and 7-8 from the stripe, but didn’t make any of his three  3-ball attempts. Drawing 6 fouls is a testament to his aggressive play, as is his 7 boards.

I’ve already questioned the Lithuanian coach’s decision making around JV’s playing time, but I must mention it again. 7 minutes of PT? In a must-win game? Coach, if you are going to be a contrarian by keeping your most talented big on the bench, you better win.  Otherwise, the loss is on you. JV is a mere 20 years old; there will be other Olympics for him. I doubt the Lithuanians will trot out Coach Kemzura in Rio in 4 years’ time. His team was expected to do well, and instead did a faceplant.

Lithuania will close out round-robin play with games against Tunisia and the U.S. We will preview and recap those games for you, but for Lithuania, the results will be moot. They will be watchers in the medal round.

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  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Are u kidding me? Val only played 7 minutes? He could not be in THAT much foul trouble. The only reason I can see val not playing as many minutes is that the French have a quicker and more athletic team putting him at a disadvantage. Now they definitely have to win if they are to get into the elimination round.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brian.boake.14 Brian Boake

      I’ve heard rumblings of a hand injury, but I can’t track down anything definite. Regardless, JV didn’t play much, & Lithuania lost, again. I’m disappointed, and baffled. One wonders if Coach Kemzura is one of these “Everybody has to spend time on the bench” guys….You find them in all sports, and they almost inevitably fail.