Injuries - Are the Raps cursed?

We awake to discover no fewer than 3 of our players were injured yesterday – in an intrasquad “game”! Yes, let’s all hump off to Casino Rama (a 2 hour bus ride north of the Big Smoke, for our friends from around the globe), play against ourselves, & return looking like a MASH unit. Calderon got a knee in his thigh, Quincy Acy crunched John Lucas III, & DeMar DeRozan got a poke in the eye, which seems like an appropriate metaphor for what just happened to our team. It’s truly ironic that we can play 7 pre-season games against genuine opponents without damage, then endure a train wreck of an internal exhibition just before the season is due to tip off.

Let’s dust ourselves off, & see where we’re at. Lucas claims he’s OK, and will be ready to go for Wednesday night. That seems far-fetched, but we live in hope. DeRozan’s eye-poke is irksome, at least, but should heal. Calderon’s thigh injury is probably the most serious, as he had to be helped off the court. There’s been no official word from the Raps on any of these aches & pains.

Don’t be surprised if the Raps demote Dominic McGuire to the D-League, & bring up a Point Guard on a 10-day contract. I can’t see starting the season with 1 healthy PG.

My wife re-nicknamed Carter from “Air Canada” to “Wince” for his seemingly endless stream of injuries. Will our season’s hopes crash like Acy on the fragile body of the unfortuate Lucas?

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  • Hoop Dreams

    Pre-hallowe’en horrors or are some players doing everything they can to stay on the roster? Let’s hope these bumps and bruises are the worse the squad incurs as they start one of the toughest early season schedules imaginable. As a long time Raptors’ fan, I’m always hopeful but, this year I am truly excited at what we’ve seen so far. Now if we could only convince the Raptors to drop that awful dirge that they call a cheer: Let’s go Raptors, dunh, dunh, dunh.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      I share your excitement about the upcoming season, but it can turn sour in a hurry if we’re beset by injuries. I’ll have a piece out shortly about the nasty first quarter of the season, so good call on that one.
      As for the Raps’ cheer: it was pretty weak on Day One, & now it’s really stale. Time to get creative – Raps, are you there?

  • John Steppling

    hope DeRoazan is ok…………lucas should be……….those two are needed. Demar especially right now. I have high hopes for this team.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Sorry for tardy reply; your comment just appeared(?) All 3 looked fine last night, as did the unwell Andrea, but it still wasn’t enough at the end. Exciting 44 minutes, crummy 4 minutes.