Field[s] of Dreams - Time to dump Landry?

Nov 4, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Raptors guard Landry Fields (2) against Minnesota Timberwolves guard Brandon Roy (3) at the Air Canada Centre. The Raptors beat the Timberwolves 105-86. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Patience is an admirable human attribute, most of the time. So is wisdom mixed with humility, which is what’s needed from Bryan Colangelo at this early stage of the season. While I understand why he tendered an offer sheet to Landry Fields, in the hope of boxing out the Knicks’ attempt to sign Steve Nash, we’ve ended up in the anti-Panglossian worst possible world. We don’t have Nash, & we do have Fields, who looks less like a consolation, & more like a booby, prize every day.

One of many lessons an NBA GM must learn is the fact that not every move you try works. I don’t want to sully my keyboard, or curdle your coffee cream, by listing the stats of Landry’s disastrous season to date. It’s time to recognize his lousy second year in New York was a true glimpse of his (lack of) capabilities, so let’s move on without him. OK, good, we accept we have a problem, & we know we need to do something – but what? No other GM would touch The Six Million Dollar Man with a barge pole, so a trade looks unlikely. Drop him to the minors? This idea has merit, if you believe there’s a chance he will regain his stroke, & his confidence, against lesser competition. The remaining option is benching Fields, in favour of a reconfigured lineup with Terrence Ross starting at Shooting Guard, & DeMar moving up to Small Forward. While the youthful Terrence may not be ready for his close-up, we won’t know until we throw him out under the lights. In short, this is my preferred option. I would demote Fields to the D-League, in the hope that he can pile up some gaudy numbers. Upon his return to the big club, he can work his way back into the lineup as another swingman, in competition for minutes with Alan Anderson, Dom McGuire & Linas Kleiza (does anyone know where he’s gone?). If all of this works, hopefully we can find a trade partner at the February deadline, & send Landry elsewhere.

The clear-cut flaw in this scheme is the performance of Ross as a starter, which is unknowable. But the damage that’s being done to the Raps’ offense by employing a useless player at the starting 3 spot is knowable, & pernicious. Best to make the change now, & give it 15 games to “take”.

I’ve got a new poll up dealing with this early-season headache, & I hope you will weigh in. BTW: Our last poll indicated you share in my optimism for the Raps’ season, as the plurality of votes went to the ” >40 <45 wins” option.

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  • Jeffrey Thompson

    It does not look like it, but despite the poor start, the Raptors have played rather well. They started the season facing very stiff competition and manage to stick with them until the very end , with the exception of the OKC game.give them some time, they’ll get better. The injuries don’t help, but at least the Raptors have managed to adjust.

    As for Landry, sure he has not been much for now, but give him time. I’m sure he can turn things around if given a chance. And lets face it, no one is expecting Landry to be a franchise player. If he were, the Raptors would have paid him more. he’s only expected to provide defense and energy n the perimeter–that’s it. Don’t expect anymore from him because all he is supposed to be is just a complementary role player in the Raptors rotation and nothing more.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      I think Fields is destined to be a Turkoglu-grade disappointment but I sure hope I’m wrong.

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