I’m wading into the Andrea Bargnani trade debate wearing a flak jacket & bedomed with a helmet

Here’s my advice for Bryan Colangelo… “Don’t just do something – stand there!” Yes, folks, I’m saying we need to hold on to the exasperating Italian a little while longer. Here’s why:

  • His value will never be lower on the trade market than it is today.
  • The trade deadline is February 21 – what’s the rush?
  • Coach Casey had a plan coming out of training camp, in which Bargnani & Landry Fields were integral components. Coach has never had a chance to put his preferred lineup on the floor with everyone healthy. Assuming Kyle Lowry & AB are ready in the new year, & Fields is in game shape, we’ve got to give Coach 10 games.
  • AB has been in a dismal shooting slump all season. I can’t believe he will continue in such a funk. When (if?) he rediscovers his stroke, his value will return to what it was when the season opened.
  • Should the team continue to roll, & there is no compelling need to see him back on the floor as a starter, he still can be a Stretch-4 with the second unit.
  • Amnesty? AMNESTY? Sure, & after that, I’ll slip on some brass knuckles, make a fist, & punch myself in the jaw

In short, when we use our brains in a cold, calculating General Manager fashion, rather than the emotional just-dump-the-guy state I’m reading everywhere, we see that a healthy AB has value. The one sitting in street clothes has almost none.

Anyway, that’s my view, but you can express yours in the accompanying poll.

Now that I’ve solved that dilemma, we can turn our attention to the question of what we should do, if anything, with a certain Spanish Point Guard. You’ll hear from me soon.

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  • RapsScolla

    Bargnia deserves to be amestied, This player has brought our team down to a un watchable state. B c has been covering his butt for so long now willing to lose blaming it on youth when their vets are toilet worthy. Bargnia being in Toronto have the rest of the bigs career in limbo except Big V. Just because he is euro.

    Davis had the game of his life and Bargnia who was having the worst game in Nba history got to play the 4th quarter, while the hard working Davis cooled his jet on bench.
    What hurt me so much about this play is it tell kids hard work dont pay.
    secondly coach casey had the nerve to stick up for that move.. Well the Raptor 5
    game winning streak tell us clearly coach was wrong they could win without the lanky
    disaster in Bargnia.
    The real bad guy on this team who have not done a good job are first:; Bc, coach and Bargnia.
    When your management and the job that you have done is 0 then you cant expect your team to play well.

    Andreas Bargnia ment to say that Bc is the worst gm in organize sports

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi: I hope you voted for the Amnesty option in the poll. As you can see, if you did, you’ve got company.
      I don’t understand either why Ed Davis sits down in Q4 so often. That’s when we need boards & blocks, both of which he gives us.
      Bargnani is having a dismal season so far. We can only hope he recovers from his latest injury & re-establishes himself, so he can either help the team as a player, or as trade bait.