TRADE PROPOSITION: Andrea Bargnani for DeMarcus Cousins & filler? – “Let’s swap headaches’

Dec 23, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings power forward Jason Thompson (34) pulls in the rebound against the Portland Trail Blazers during the first quarter at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Word out of Sacramento that the Kings have suspended gifted headcase Centre DeMarcus Cousins was a tonic for me. I headed to the Trade Machine for some fun. Amazingly enough, I found a relatively simple deal which works for both teams, at least in theory: Andrea Bargnani for Cousins & Jason Thompson. The money works (the Raps save some dough), but what’s really interesting is the change in teams’ fortunes, according to the projection. The Raps gain 4 wins, but the Kings lose 10. That’s not surprising when you look at the 3 players’ PER: Thompson (16.5) & Cousins (19) are both above the theoretical average of 15, whereas our wayward & frequently injured Forward clocks in at 12.6.

If I were BC, I’d do this deal, if and only if I received complete buy-in from Dwane Casey. Should Coach want to take on the challenge of getting through to the talented giant, I’d take the chance that a change of scenery may be what young DeMarcus needs. There’s a Kentucky connection – Coach was born in the Bluegrass State & won an NCAA title in 1978 as a Wildcats Guard, & Cousins spent his one-&-done collegiate “career” at the school. I realize that’s tenuous, & quite possibly irrelevant. What is definitely of import is Coach’s no-nonsense approach. Remember how James Johnson was benched for running his mouth, played sparingly, then donated (ironically to Sacramento) last season? If DeMarcus becomes a Rap, & yaps at our Coach the way he did at Keith Smart, he’ll suffer a similar fate. You may ask why the Kings would dump a rare talent like Cousins. He’s been reinstated by the team, but this is his third suspension in as many seasons. That may be reason enough.

Jason Thompson should not be forgotten in this deal. He’s a steady contributor, averaging 10+ points & 7+ rebounds in his NBA career, which is now in its fifth season. Still, there’s no doubt that Cousins is the man with the sky-high talent & the emotional self-control of your average 6 year old. He’s the key to the deal.  Would you do it, Raps fans?

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  • aplumley

    You can tell a homer trade proposition. Lets trade one bad player for two good ones. Sorry, JT isn’t going anywhere and Cousins alone has more trade value than Bargnani.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      I don’t blame you for calling it a “homer proposition”, but if I were the Raps’ GM, I wouldn’t go for this deal. If I dump Bargnani, I want to end up with a roster free of controversy, & Cousins is the exact opposite.
      I created this trade to stir the pot a bit, & see how determined Raps fans are to be rid of Bargnani, even if it means bringing a problem child like Cousins into the fold. However, it may not be such a crazy deal after all. What do you think Sac-to management would say if the Raps threw in their 2014 first-round pick?

      • aplumley

        Cousins still has high lottery pick value so that might work given that Toronto is likely headed for a lot of ping pong balls. Thompson has been the Kings most consistent player and is a well kept secret. You correctly point out that Thompson’s PER is better than Bargnani, which is no fluke. Sac would more likely be willing to thrown in Thornton or Evans than Thompson. Given that Sacramento is likely headed to another city after this year I could easily see them throwing in the towel and taking a draft pick for Cousins.

        • Newmarket_Brian

          I’d rather have Thornton than the hard-to-figure Evans. I’ve always liked Thompson; hard-working low profile guys like him (Brandon Bass is another) really help a team.
          FWIW: Thornton & Cousins for Bargnani (& a first?) works on the Trade Machine.
          I’ve got another trade I’m going to post shortly, with Bargnani heading west, but not to California.

  • David Echard

    Bargs does nothing to help the Kings. Kings need a big that lives in the paint. Bargs is def not that. Too thin and has no prescence in the post whatsoever. You don’t watch much Kings basketball, do you?. Offensive rebounding is a big problem. Bargs does not have that strength in his game.
    It’s like the Heat fans wanting Cuz for Joel Anthony and Scraps. If Cuz gets traded you can bet it will be at a high price for the other team, regardless of his attitude.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      I was with you until your last sentence. Cousins’s attitude is the sole reason he’s being bandied about as a trade candidate. If he weren’t such a irritant, he’s so talented the Kings would view him as untouchable. Disgruntled and/or childish players are a drag on a team’s psyche. Should Cousins continue his petulant act, the Kings may have to take an unpalatable deal, just to be rid of him.
      You’re quite correct about Bargs not helping on the offensive glass. He lives on the perimeter, & he will drive if he sees a lane. When he’s hitting his 3s, it opens up the rest of his game, & he can pour in a lot of points in a short time. He’s also a respectable 1-on-1 defender, although his help defence is poor.
      Thanks for commenting, & stay in touch.

  • David Echard

    I would definitely look at Calderon and Lowry as nice pieces. In addition, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson. Bargnani does not help the Kings .

    • Newmarket_Brian

      You’re quite right about those 4 guys being valuable players for any team. I’d be very surprised if they were traded, however. Raptors Nation is very cranky right now, & there’s not much patience left for Bryan Colangelo’s long running “rebuild”. We’re willing to wait a little longer, but I wouldn’t want to be Colangelo the day after he trades Davis (for example) while Bargnani is still on the roster.