Feb 11, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith (5) drives against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. The Hawks beat the Mavs 105-101. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Toronto Raptors’ Andrea Bargnani to Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith?

Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks is a name which continues to float around the trade-o-sphere (a noisy sub-domain of the blog-o-sphere). While there is little evidence emanating from the Cone of Silence

February 12, 2013; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Raptors forward-center Andrea Bargnani (7) passes the ball to guard DeMar DeRozan (10) as Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller (24) follows during the first half at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

which is Toronto Raptors’ management that something is cooking, I see no harm in seeing if swapping problems is possible. A quick crank of the Trade Machine, and presto! Yes, we could trade Andrea Bargnani for Josh Smith. This is a deal which makes more sense for both teams than may appear at first glance. Allow me to explain.

Josh Smith’s contract, which pays him $ 13.2M, expires this season, and he’s looking for a maximum deal from whoever he chooses to sign with. Whether Smith is worth huge money or not is a matter of furious debate, which I won’t participate in here, other than to note that anyone averaging 17+ points, 4 assists and 8+ rebounds per game is certainly worthy of big-dollar consideration. Should a highly motivated Smith join the Raps for the last third of the season, and lead an unlikely charge into the playoffs, wouldn’t that help him with his off-season plans to cash in? Of course it would, and we can hope that Toronto will be first among equals when Josh considers a new home. If not, where’s the harm? We’re out from under the next two years of Andrea Bargnani’s contract, and our kids (and fans!) enjoy a trip to the playoffs. Oh, and Bryan Colangelo retrieves the much-prized salary cap flexibility he lost in the Rudy Gay deal.

The picture is murkier for the Hawks. Atlanta GM Danny Ferry will need serious convincing that Bargnani is back to full health, and still has a functioning jump shot, particularly from behind the arc. (20 second timeout: I was at last night’s Denver game. Andrea had 3 open looks from distance, and clanked them all. Yuck.) Should Danny take the leap of faith about Andrea, he would also have to believe that trading a disgruntled Smith is addition by subtraction.

There it is, Rapture Nation – a trade motivated by short term thinking and contract issues, both of which I usually dislike on principle. However, even the oak must occasionally bend its branches to the wind. Let’s do this deal.

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  • Greg Hall

    I have some reservations about this deal. Firstly I do not believe Josh Smith is a max contract guy, secondly he’s a hothead with a bad attitude which could really hurt the chemistry of the team, thirdly Bargnani can be amnestied at the end of the season if required, fourthly I think there are better fits for the team out there (Boozer and Ilyasova), and lastly if Bargnani is able to accept a bench role and become a contributor off the bench like Amare has done this year it improves bench depth and possibly raises his value for the off-season after a lackluster start to the season. Sure it’s fun to talk about Josh Smith coming to a team like the Raptors but I personally have never liked his game and willingness to settle for the long two and three’s even early in the shot clock, the team certainly does not lack scoring punch right now, give me a defensive stopper who isn’t a knucklehead anyday

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Greg: It really comes down to this – do we want Bargnani or not? If the answer is No, then the Josh Smith deal is short term pain for next season’s gain. If the answer is Yes, then all trades are off until the off-season. I still like the Fields-AB to Lakers for Gasol more than any other deal I’ve looked at.
      As is so often the case with the Raps’ management, they need to make up their minds and stop dithering. Yes or No, but enough with the Maybe.
      Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. I’m off to watch Knicks’ game.

      • Greg Hall

        If Gasol was still healthy I think he would be a good option for 1-2 years as he’s starting to decline, unfortunately due to his injury I don’t know if the Raptors will pull the trigger like you mentioned … another trade I have heard in passing is bring back the Hump Kris Humpfries for Bargnani and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind that, I never disliked him

        • Newmarket_Brian

          Hi Greg: I mentioned a Hump-for-AB trade in this post


          I think we can do better. I agree that Gasol would be a 1 to 3 year player of value. He strikes me as an Assistant Coach in training, and would be very good with our kids. He would definitely need to pass his physical with flying colours before a deal could be finalized.
          Stay in touch, please.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    In NO WAY that is going to happen! Because if the Raptors were to make a move like that, they would have to be all but assured that Smith would sign an extension with them, which I doubt will happen. Smith’s contract will expire by season’s end making him an unrestricted free agent. If anything he will look to play for a Championship contender or play in a bigger market, not be on a team that has yet to make the playoffs.