Feb 8, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers forward David West (21) dunks against Toronto Raptors center Andrea Bargnani (7) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Toronto defeats Indiana 100-98 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol to Toronto Raptors for Andrea Bargnani & Landry Fields (Part II)?

I was deeply disappointed at the news of Pau Gasol’s foot injury, as I thought he would look great in Raptor red (with Andrea Bargnani and Landry Fields heading to the Left Coast in exchange). While speculating on other trades, I’ve harboured the hope that this trade will be deferred until the off-season. I think a trade makes great basketball sense for both teams, and I’m going to toss out another reason why it could help the Raps.

Feb 13, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon (8) shoots during the third quarter against the Washington Wizards at The Palace. Detroit won 96-85. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Calderon has stepped into the role of Detroit Pistons’ starting point guard like the skilled veteran he is; Motown fans and management love him. Detroit’s general manager Joe Dumars has made no bones about the fact he would like to re-sign Jose, who will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. I have to believe Bryan Colangelo, the Raptors’ embattled President/GM, wants to bring Jose back – as would every Toronto fan I know, and most I don’t.

Let’s suppose Colangelo strikes quickly after both the Raptors’ and Lakers’ seasons are in the books to bring Pau on board via trade. Jose and Pau are fellow Spaniards, and great friends. Is it not conceivable that Pau could have then a huge impact on which team Jose decides to join? I can easily imagine Pau calling his friend to say: “Jose, we’re both on the other side of thirty, so we’ve only got a few seasons left in our bodies. I’m a Raptor now, and this team is much closer to being a serious contender than the Pistons. I’d like to win another championship, while you’d like to win your first. Let’s do it together in Toronto. You and I won a World Championship and an Olympic silver medal together; we can win an NBA title as well.”

Is this scenario too far-fetched? Surely not – one can easily imagine conversations of this kind occurring among Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade before they became Miami’s Big 3.

[20 second timeout: The Raps could acquire Pau today, if they waived his physical in the hope that his injury isn't career-threatening. While I like risky moves on occasion, this isn't one of them. You are welcome to disagree.]

There are financial implications to trading for Pau, and to Jose re-signing with the Raps. I’ll explore the Raps and the salary cap very shortly. In the meantime, what do you think about Pau as a Rap? Could he influence the return of Jose? Please Comment.


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  • Hdhysysjeneyshsys

    Great article! That would be great but Raps are getting a way better offer from the Bulls(Boozer,Nate for Bargnani,Lucas). All Raps fans want Calderon back though!

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi: Thanks for the kind words. I’m OK with the Boozer deal, should it happen, but I like my scenario best.
      Yes, there’s no Rap fan who doesn’t want Jose back. I’m racking my brain trying to think of other ways to make it happen, but I believe what I’ve posted has the best chance.
      Stop by again, please.

  • Alexander Spiers

    I feel as if the Raptors would be full filling 2 big needs appose to one if they were to accept the Chicago Bulls deal. Not only would you be getting a rebounder, someone to score close to mid range inside the paint as well as a protector on the court but you’d also be getting a big upgrade at PG off the bench who’d be able to take control of the game and add additional explosion. Besides, they have a chance to make playoffs now, they’ve beaten the best and kept close to both Boston/Miami which they should have closed if they would have had better control on the court with their bench. Plus a guy like Boozer would help out big time against both.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Alexander: It’s interesting how many people like the idea of Nate Robinson coming to the Raps. I’ve never been a fan of that guy; he’s always struck me as more interested in fancy, or even crazy, plays than simple, effective ball at the point guard spot. I’d rather keep Lucas than give him up for Nate, but I seem to be a minority voice.
      As for Boozer, sure, I could live with him – we certainly need inside scoring, as you point out. But I’d still rather finish the season without further trades and see if my Gasol/Calderon fantasy has a chance of coming to fruition.
      Thanks for commenting.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    That rumor has been completely squashed. No use wasting out time talking about something that will probbaly never happen.

  • Matt

    Tor trades Lowry and Barg (who is a big negative in this
    trade for reasons like attitude, injuries, huge lack of effort on defense,
    salary, no rebounding effort whatsover for a 7 footer, etc)

    LA trades Pau and Blake

    The players’ salaries match up almost perfectly and this is
    definitely a fair trade.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Matt & Jeffrey: Trading Lowry? Um…no. We traded 1 PG, let’s not dump the other starter-grade player we have at that spot. Blake is a back-up, at best.
      A healthy Bargnani may be useful in our playoff drive. I don’t think we should trade him just for the sake of trading him.

      • Matt

        Lucas has been playing really well, so Tor can use Lowry as a valuable trading piece. Lowry has been injured 3 times this season. Barg JUST got off injury. Everyone is injury prone is this trade. Pau is having a bad season bcz he can’t play at his best spot when Dwight clogs up the paint. Once Pau can start at center, then he’ll start dominating again. Barg is total shit. Everyone knows that. Look at all of those reasons at how Barg is shit.

    • Raptors18

      Youve gone insane thinking this is a fair trade, when on earth does trading your 26 year old strating pg and 29 year old former first round pick for 2 30+ year old injury bound players. Were not opening a retirement home here, who is ur point guard? Lowry is also Gays best friend, dont u think thats a main reason why rudy is here right now, there not getting rid of lowry anytime soon

  • jeff

    I think the best trade for the raps right now is with the Timberwolves. Ridnour and Derrick Williams in return for Bargnani and maybe Lucas? Or is Bargnani good enough to acquire both of those assets? But nevertheless, if Colangelo is smart, he’ll go with this trade which will be beneficial not only short term, but long term as well.

    • jeff

      Actually instead of Lucas, replace him in the trade for Fields/Kleiza/Peitrus

      • Newmarket_Brian

        Hi Jeff: I’ve considered Derrick Williams previously. He’s a risk, as he’s been a huge disappointment to the T’Wolves. Would a change of scenery be just what the doctor ordered? Ridnour is useful insurance, but little more.
        Colangelo seems to think a playoff spot is still within reach, so I’d guess he’d pass on this deal. These players won’t help the Raps win now.
        Thanks for commenting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.elhakim Ralph El-Hakim

    I think the Raptors should trade AB for Paul Millsap. Millsap can score and can rebound the ball. I’m still not counting the Raptors out this year because they have played very well since the Rudy Gay trade. Now all they need is another 15ppg 8rbs player and it will get them over the hump. I believe that player is Paul Millsap. On top of everything Millsap is young.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Ralph: I analyzed Millsap for AB a few days ago. Please have a read, and comment. There were a lot of comments from knowledgeable Jazz fans which are well worth your time.
      Thanks for stopping by, and please do so again.

  • Tdot4life

    I would like to see kleiza Anderson and fields go to bobcats for Ben Gordon and then get boozer from bulls for AB along with the Nate/Lucas swap. Sounds fair to me all around and numbers salary wise match too

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi: Wow, that’s a lot of movement. Do you think anyone will take Kleiza off our hands? I’d be pleasantly surprised. Did you trade the B’Cats deals without Anderson? We need that guy to stick around.
      I continue to monitor the Boozer deal, but I’m doubtful it will happen.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • Tdot4life

        We got to give to get something. Alan Anderson is a streaky player and we would benefit from having a more consistent scorer. As for bobcats kleiza when allowed to play is a good shooter and along with Anderson is a good deal. . Also Landry fields would provide good defense to the B cats

        • Newmarket_Brian

          Hi: I certainly agree that you’ve got to give to get. While the ‘Cats seem determined to dump Gordon, I wouldn’t do it without receiving a positive report on Kleiza’s knee. Anderson & Fields are useful players, but not enough to swing a deal if Kleiza is finished (as I believe he is).