Post-season awards: Your help needed!

Rapture Nation, it’s about time for those of us on this side of the screen to name the winners of the first annual Ollie awards (more on the award’s name later). The NBA gives out post-season accolades to:

  1. Most Valuable Player
  2. Top Rookie
  3. Defensive Player
  4. Most Improved Player
  5. 6th Man

and we’ll do the same. All NBA players are eligible, except for those who play for teams other than the Toronto Raptors. Unlike the league, which give its award winners boring stuff like shiny trophies and worldwide recognition, we’re going to do it up big. Ollie winners will receive a free prop plane flight from Timmins to Kapuskasing in January (unless there’s too much snow on the runway, in which case you better hope your pilot can negotiate a highway landing) and a Tim’s card pre-loaded with $5.00 to spend on a double-double and any cruller you choose. (To our non-Canadian readers: please take the time to click on the links. I’m offering through words a back door into our culture.)

“What larks, eh, Pip, what larks!” Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

Feb 15, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Chris Webber is interviewed with a poster of Team Chuck head coach Charles Barkley (not pictured) while Team Shaq head coach Shaquille O

Why the Ollies? I want to recognize one of the most remarkable Raps ever – Oliver Miller, who made Charles Barkley, the Round Mound of Rebound, look anorexic. His image graces this post. However, I’m not married to that name, so that’s one reason I’m looking for your input, folks. What would you like to name the awards? More importantly, who should win each one? I’m going to begin this series once our season limps to its merciful end. In the meantime, please send me your nominees for each award, and your reasoning, in the Comments.

P.S.  I’ll be at Real Sports tomorrow prior to the game for a Raps meet-&-greet. Please say Hi if you’re there too.

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  • Hoopgirl1st

    Ollies? Seriously? I know Oliver Miller left an impression on some Raptor fans, but the player who left the biggest impression, was outspoken regarding his teammates and who always had the best soundbites coupled with withering wit has to be Charles Oakley. If the Oak spoke, you knew his teammates were paying attention. I think the awards should be called the Oakleys.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Hoopgirl: That’s such a good suggestion I’m going to include “Oakley” as a nominee in a Poll I’ll be dropping shortly. Let the readership decide the Award’s name.
      Thanks for commenting.
      P.S. You’ll get a hat tip in the Poll.

  • Andy

    Warning, this’ll be a long post…

    Now, I realise you’ve already done the awards, but I’m always late to the party, so I’m gonna do my own now. Then I’ll go read yours.

    In reverse order of your list, because MVP is the best and I save the best till last:

    6th Man:
    With our lack of a fixed starting 5, finding a 6th man ain’t easy. At the start I might have said Amir or Ed Davis, then by mid-season they were both starters and I’d have made the easy choice of T. Ross. Then Ed left and Ross cooled. Lucas had moments, Anderson had moments and even Landry had some strong high points, but no one was a consistent 6th man. It felt like Anderson was given the minutes like one though. Good lord, we had an awful bench last season. I feel like I’m going to forced to give it to A. A., simply through lack of options.

    Most Improved:
    Well, the two names that spring to mind are Amir and DeMar. Amir’s improvements were most noticeable as a starter, he played well throughout the games he was given and would probably have gotten a fair few more minutes if it wasn’t for his constant foul trouble. Although, that foul trouble actually seemed to lessen near the end of the season, unless I’m misremembering things.
    DeMar, on the other hand, seemed to improve across the board. Nothing too drastic, but he got better statistically and seemed to have gained a somewhat better control of the game.
    Personally, I feel DeRozan made the biggest change out of the two.

    Defensive Player:
    Kyle Lowry, Amir Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas. I also seem to remember Rudy getting a good few steals. They’re the ones I’d pick from, but I already know my winner, so this should be quick.
    Lowry was a solid defender for a PG, lots of rebounds, always tough. Got to give him praise. But he did struggle a times.
    Jonas would get this award if it was based on potential, but he’d get all the awards if that was the case, so no.
    But my award shall go to the Workhorse that is: Amir Johnson. Amir was undeniably important to the defence this season. Partly because there was no-one to back him up and partly because he was solid as a rock. The team was glaringly different when he was on the bench, the opponent scored with ease; there was no-one to be afraid of in the paint. Put him back in and the opponents switched to shooting the jumper. I had to go google this stat to make my point – With Amir on the floor opponents scored 1.05 point per possession, without him? That number sky-rockets to 1.14 ppp. That equivalent to dropping from 11th best in the league to 30th.

    Top Rookie:
    Jonas Valanciunas. Next question.

    Most Valuable Player:
    To me, it’s between Rudy, Amir and DeMar.
    Firstly, I’ll pass on Rudy, as he didn’t play much of the season.
    That leaves Amir and DeMar; they sure have been turning up on this list a lot, haven’t they?
    Now, Amir’s been the workhorse, as I said. He’s been solid defensively, he’s been a hard worker offensively. Amir has played way above what his ‘talent’ would suggest. He’s not someone who goes out there and wows you with flashy moves or pin point precision. He just goes out there and gets the god-damn ball and does whatever it takes to make sure someone on our side puts that ball in the hoop. He’s a simple, tough, hard working player and just about everybody loves him for it.
    DeMar on the other hand is the high flying scorer who was responsible for most of the points this season and until Rudy turned up, he was pretty much the only person defences had to look out for. Talking of defence, I don’t rate DeRozan’s defence as bad as most people seem to, but it isn’t great and it’s probably the best argument against him beating Amir to this award, he inconsistency at times being his other flaw.
    It’s tough to pick between the two. Amir does the same thing every night and plays an important role cleaning up for everyone else, but usually not anything that will blow you (and the opponent) away. DeMar is sometimes electric and lifts the team to a win, but when he’s on an off night, the team will struggle. And he does have his off nights.
    I’m gonna pull the old chicken vote and say:
    Tied Vote. Joint MVP.
    (although, I’d probably lean ever so slightly towards DeRozan, if you pushed me)

    Well, that ends that. Hope you enjoyed my long, probably typo-filled post.