Raptors' executives - all dressed up with nowhere to go

I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed anything like the zombie state of the Toronto Raptors. The team currently has a President, but no General Manager. It has no picks in next month’s NCAA draft. Maybe they should padlock the office and put up a Gone fishin’ sign. Bryan Colangelo, the emasculated occupant of the President’s suite, is no doubt spending considerable time on such worthy projects as developing the team’s new practice facility, and making sure the fine folks at Canada Basketball haven’t lost his phone number. [cynical foghorn voice from audience: "No he isn't doing those things - he's updating his resume!" me: "probably"]

While there may be a dearth of activity at the Air Canada Centre, we can be sure of one thing: there is no shortage of executives with fancy titles and corresponding fat paycheques. Everyone from Ed Stefanski (Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations) to Marc Eversley (Vice President, College Scouting – at least he’ll have a quiet Draft Night) is still gainfully employed, and completely powerless. Tim Leiweke, the incoming President of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment [MLSE], has created an elaborate masquerade of a front office.

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  • Hoopgirl1st

    I’m thinking that I’m reminded more of “Dead Men Walking”! It would be nice if MLSE could get it right for once and start the end of the season with a real “We’ll get them next season” instead of so much uncertainty right from the dressing room to the executive suite. I admit there wasn’t a lot to cheer for at the end, but perhaps if the contract decisions were made earlier in the season for the executives, there would be less dread if people could see that there is a plan and some leadership. Instead, all we see are a bunch of people, seemingly twisting in the wind. Less than classy.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Hoopgirl: “Less than classy”…very well put! These guys aren’t very good at filling us with confidence.
      Thanks for commenting.