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New POLL – Next season’s goals

As Greg Hall pointed out earlier this week, the Toronto Raptors have no picks in this year’s NBA Draft, scheduled for June 27. This situation should not be of much concern to us fans, as even those players at the top of the class (Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter) don’t have much WOW factor. However, the 2014 draft is the diametric opposite. Likely one-&-done talents like Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and [saving the best for last] Canada’s own Andrew Wiggins could change a number of teams’ futures for the better.

What does all this mean for the Raps? Our new General Manager, Masai Ujiri, is in the early stages of his tenure. I’m sure he’s already reviewing the roster, but the biggest question for him can be expressed simply: Tank or Playoffs? If the GM concludes that the team as currently built is on a one-way track to Palookaville, he needs to blow it up. We’ll be looking at another losing season, and relegation to the draft lottery, but with hopes of landing a monster talent from a rich crop of players.

Conversely, if he thinks enough of the talent under contract to believe that a season of relative stability can bring a playoff spot, then he’ll leave well enough alone. One assumes he will concentrate on rebuilding the scouting and coaching staffs he’s recently eviscerated, and go find some free agents to buttress the bench. If he’s right, the Raps will be in the playoffs, but all those juicy 2014 talents will end up wearing other sweaters.

What do you think? Tank or Playoffs?

Should Masai Ujiri blow up the roster and hope for good luck in the 2014 draft lottery, or shoot for next season's playoffs?

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  • Timo J. Vainionpää

    Neither of those two options… this year is the year to focus on team identity, which I hope will be “tough minded defence” … Keep Dwayne and see if he can get this group to play hard at the defensive end… evaluate the current roster in that context and make the changes required.. and then continue to hone the process… the options you lay out in your poll are too simplistic

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Timo: I don’t mean to imply that these options are the only things the GM & coach should worry about. Masai did mention team identity in his press conference and “tough defense” certainly works for me as an identity to be striving for. However, there are a number of months, and a lot of decisions to be made, before next season. But before our new GM dives in, he has to decide what he thinks of the current roster. I’m suggesting his choice will boil down to whether he thinks the team’s core can compete for a playoff spot or not. If not, then tear it all down, and start again (which I think would be a mistake).
      Thanks for commenting.

  • ckh26

    Now this sure beats selling software to the bank now doesn’t it

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hello ckh26 aka Mystery Commenter who knows something of my background: Please give me a better idea of who you are. Thx.

  • Hoopgirl1st

    A gordian knot with no clean cheat. While I think our players need to win, not only to feed their own psyches but those of the long suffering fans, a winning season could put us into another poor draft position (thanks, BG). If it were my decision,
    play who we’ve got as a learning/honing season. Celebrate every great game;
    celebrate every improvement; focus on resolving the weaknesses without sweating losses to put us in a good position for the 2014 draft.

    Plus, MLSE could show some appreciation of the fans’ patience – more giveaways, hold or slightly discount ticket and concession prices. Simplistic? Easy said than done? Of course it is!

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Hoopgirl: There’s a lot of merit in what you’re saying. (And in how you say it: “Gordian knot with no clean cheat” Wow) Commenter Timo also suggested I’m being too black/white with my options. Maybe another season of allowing the team to mature together might produce positive results.
      As for MLSE showing appreciation? I’m not holding my breath.
      Thanks for commenting.