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VC1I believe Vince Carter needs to retire as a member of the Toronto Raptors.  A lot of my reasons why have already been made for me and may be repeats to Raptors fans who’ve watched the “Re-Imagining of Vince Carter” which recently aired on Sportsnet.  Vince Carter came to the Raptors franchise during its infancy when there were many questions whether Toronto and Vancouver could support NBA franchises. Drafting Vince Carter put the Raptors on the map because of his highlight reel dunks, exciting play, and bold personality (during his rookie year, he boasted that next season “we will be a playoff team”).  Carter’s words rung true as he carried them to the  playoffs the following year.  The Raptors were an exciting team to watch; not so the aforementioned Vancouver Grizzlies. They are now the Memphis Grizzlies because Vancouver never gelled as a team, or had a player like Vince, to bring the excitement of basketball to the community.

Despite all the efforts and career success of Steve Nash, Vince Carter has been dubbed by some prominent young Canadian players the “Godfather” of basketball in this country.  Tristan Thompson (a Scarborough product now starting for the Cleveland Cavaliers) upon meeting Vince Carter for the first time, told him “You’re my Michael Jordan”.  That is high praise for anyone as Jordan is arguably the best NBA player of all time.  So many of these great Canadian kids in the NBA and coming out of College credit Vince for their interest in basketball. Players from Thompson to Anthony Bennett to Andrew Wiggins; none of these players may have been heard of if it weren’t for Vince Carter’s influence on Canada basketball and the Toronto Raptors. Even Terrence Ross paid homage to Vince while winning the Dunk competition last season by wearing a classic Carter jersey.  With all this said, I believe it is time to forgive Vince, if you are one of the haters. When Vince wants to leave the NBA, let’s give him a 10 day contact to finish his career as a Toronto Raptor, and retire his number 15.  Our Toronto Raptors need to embrace   and reward Vince, the “biggest”and best player in our franchise’s history.

Jan 22, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan (10) carries the ball past Dallas Mavericks guard-forward Vince Carter (25) at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto defeated Dallas 93-85. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Dinos Charitopoulos

    I believe he has to end his career as a Raptor. I dunno if MLSE would ever retire his jersey,vbut back in 2004 a lot of mutual mistakes happened between VC and MLSE board. I believe his legacy is great, and he must be forgived and given the opportunity to retire as a Raptor.
    An apology from his part, to the fans, would be much appreciated IMO.

    • Greg Hall

      Have you watched “The Re-Imagining of Vince Carter” Dinos? If you believe Vince in part of that interview, he said he never wanted to be traded, and came to Rob Babcock the morning of the trade and said to him he didn’t want to be traded, that he wanted to stay in Toronto. That being said, you’re right there is a lot of he said she said going on here, so everything we hear might have to be taken with a grain of salt. To add one more thought I didn’t mention in the post, without Vince Carter we may be watching the second coming of the Seattle Supersonics instead of the Toronto Raptors.

  • some random guy

    He should sign on the off-season to a 2 year contract from 3 million. Come off the bench as a solid role player, and teach Derozan and Ross. Has to play at least a season for 99% of fans to forgive and forget how 2004 turned out.

    • Greg Hall

      I’m not sure how I feel about giving him a playing contact, especially a multi-year deal at this point in his career. With the Raptors seemingly caught between a playoff push and a building scenario I’m not sure where he would fit, in either of those two scenarios.

      You may be right about what is needed from Vince for the Raptors community at large to forgive Vince. I am of the opinion that he never quit on the team (they were trying to find chemistry), and there was a lot of mismanagement during that time. Starting with the decision to sign Rob Babcock, culminating in the trade of Vince Carter for little return. Our poor Raptors franchise seems to have rolled down hill for years since, only now recently recovering into a team that is exciting and respectable again.

      I thank you for your comments, and hope to see Vince in a Raptors jersey at least one more time, I think our franchise needs it.

  • Pridenpoise

    I think Carter is full of it, he couldn’t wait to get on the first flight out of Canada, just like McGrady, and Bosh. All three of these a-holes can kick rocks, and anyone that would want this bum signed to a contract is delusional.

    • Greg Hall

      Thank you for commenting, I’m not sure I can fully trust anything those three may have to say; however I would still like to see Vince Carter’s number retired for posterity’s sake

  • Got It Right

    The real idiot was Peddie. He was responsible for all that was wrong with MLSE.

    • Greg Hall

      I cannot disagree with you at all, especially after watching “The Re imagining of Vince Carter”. IT would seem that the team itself was in a mess at this point, not just the Vince Carter situation at that time. Thanks for commenting.

  • Jensan

    Reviewed what some Random Guy said and agree, he is a better backup than John Salmons for the 2/3 position and at half the price or less 2 years for 7 Million, 3.2 million this year and 3.8 million and throw in the health benefits.