Feb 1, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger (33) posts up against the Brooklyn Nets at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Lowry, Fields & Novak to Indiana for Granger & Watson?

With trade winds still swirling around Kyle Lowry, here’s a trade worthy of consideration.  Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I would prefer to keep Lowry a Raptor, but if he is unwilling to resign, losing him for nothing is not a very pleasant option.

Feb 1, 2014; Portland, OR, USA; Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry (7) shoots the ball over Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez (42) in the first half at Moda Center. Mandatory Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Candidates:

To Indiana -  Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields and Steve Novak

To Toronto –  Danny Granger & C.J. Watson

Rumors are swirling around Danny Granger to the effect that he’s no longer welcome in Indiana. I suspect the Pacers like the idea of giving up a talent like Granger for nothing about as much as I relish the idea of Kyle Lowry leaving in the summer. It is true that Granger is expensive, but he is on the last year of that deal, and if he is willing to resign for a more reasonable figure (Maybe 6-8M) and help the further development of the soaring Terrance Ross I believe this would benefit the Raptors greatly (and improve the bench depth even further).  Granger off the bench is averaging 22 Minutes and 8.2 Points per Game, and a career worst 31% from 3 point range (although that is likely due to adjusting to coming off the bench and playing his first season since his injury, and should improve).

C.J. Watson proved he is quite a capable point guard when he ran the Chicago Bulls two years ago during Derrick Rose’s injury.  At 29 years of age with a contract through 2014-15, he would be coming to the Raptors during the end of his best productive years before age would start to catch up with him.  I would argue he could slide into the starting rotation (or be first Point Guard off the bench behind Greivis Vasquez).  Watson is averaging 18.8 Minutes, 6.3 Points per Game and 34% from 3 Point range.

Verdict:  The Pacers are looking for an upgrade to George Hill, but Frank Vogel has still got a lot of respect for Hill.  This trade would allow the Pacers to move Hill to the bench behind Lowry. Trade Machine gives the edge to Indiana in this trade putting them up 4 wins and the Raptors down 11 wins, although I think the Raptors may weather better than the trade machine suggests.

Likelihood:  10%.  This deal will only happen if the Pacers are truly willing to get rid of Granger at all costs in an effort to topple the Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs.  There is no doubt that the Pacers’ bench would not be quite as good at the Small Forward with Fields and Novak behind Paul George rather than Granger.  The Pacers would gain more depth at the Point Guard position and an improved starting Point Guard.

WWMD [What Will Masai Do?]:  I think Masai Ujiri will continue searching until the final hour before pulling the trigger on a trade like this.  There is no guarantee that Granger would resign (the bright side is $14M would come off the books for next year’s free agent frenzy) so that gives the Raptors little in return. This trade may be for the rest of the season only and equivalent to losing Lowry for nothing but gaining a little more Salary Cap room.

What do you think, Rapture Nation?  Pacers fans, I encourage your comments as well.

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  • matt moran

    I have also been watching the raptors since day 1…remember the days of Alvin Robertson, ed pickney and don’t forget acie earl lol….I think this would be a horrible trade…danny granger wouldn’t be good, would be another rudy gay….tross needs to develop and granger would only hinder that progress…as well we have mr.salmons who seems to be the perfect 2 slash 3 man coming off the bench who can guard his position….if anything I would say we need to think of packaging amir Johnson….I love him, the city loves him and he loves the city. but its a business at the end of the day…I believe Patrick Patterson has more upside. perhaps an amir Johnson and kyle lowry to Detroit for first rounder or greg Monroe….otherwise lets play it out, gain some playoff experience and see what this team can do….go raps go, future is bright, and lets target that Canadian kid tyler ennis in this years draft masai…

    • BIG WoRm

      We don’t have a chance at gettin him the way we’re playin

      • matt moran

        ya you’re probably right…looking like hes gonna be between 8-12…unless we move up somehow

    • Greg Hall

      Hi Matt, thanks for commenting. I would have gotten back to you earlier but my power has been out. I actually agree with a lot you are saying here. The best trade may in fact be, to package Lowry and Johnson (If we trade Kyle), because Patterson has shown to be a very effective and energetic player. Patterson is also younger, and worthy of another run as a starter.

      I’ve been warring with any trade dealing with Amir Johnson because of all he’s given to Toronto and how much he loves TO. I’d much rather see Amir slide to the backup 4/5 than be part of a major deal myself.

      I do have to disagree on the thought of moving both Lowry and Johnson for Monroe and a 1st (because I do not think their first will be that early in the 1st round). The other reason behind not liking that deal much is that Amir Johnson may be the best chip left to bring in a starting point guard with Kyle’s departure (I’m not convinced Greivis Vasquez can be an effective starting PG on a good team, he’s proved he can be a passable one on a bad team).

      • matt moran

        their is quite the possibility that Detroit will have an early first round pick…they have a bad record (in the east) and if you can have 2 first round picks in this draft, you have a lot of leverage….its a deep draft, so you don’t need a top 5 pick to get a good player…or if you do want that top 5 spot you may be able to make something happen with your 2 first rounders…hypothetically that is. Either way, this is gonna be an interesting offseason….and i’m gonna float the name Kevin Durant. he grew up a raptor fan, we will have the money in the next cpl of years…and if we keep this young core together….well hey, you never know….man can have a dream can’t he.

        • Greg Hall

          Kevin Durant is quite the dream, and with the success OKC has been having I imagine it will be just that unfortunately. It never hurts to dream big though, I’m sure most Raptors fans would love to see Durant put on a Raptors jersey. Sadly my intuition is telling me that is not something we are likely to see in the near future.