Feb 3, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried (35) jumps with the ball as he drives to the basket during the first half against the Los Angeles Clippers at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Toronto's Kyle Lowry to Denver for Andre Miller & Kenneth Faried?

We continue our look at trade-deadline deals for point guard Kyle Lowry.

Dec 30, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Ray Allen (34) guards Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller (24) in the fourth quarter at the Pepsi Center. The Heat defeated the Nuggets 97-94. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Trade Candidates: Andre Miller & Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets

Analysis: Miller is a veteran point guard with a impressive resume. He’s had a falling-out with Nuggets coach Brian Shaw, and has been suspended. Apparently Miller is an obstinate sort who wasn’t shy about expressing his displeasure at having his minutes cut. His comments weren’t appreciated, and now he’s got no minutes at all.

Kenneth Faried, a third-year small forward, is nicknamed the Manimal for his relentless style of play. He’s one of those “love him when he’s your teammate, but hate him as an opponent” types. Faried’s calling card is his solid rebounding; he’s Reggie Evans with more offensive capability.

Verdict: Miller appears to have burned his bridges in Denver, so I’m sure management there would be happy to send him packing. He has another year left on his contract, so they can’t even grit their teeth and pay him to stay away for the balance of this season only. In short, they are highly motivated sellers. Faried has one more season left on his rookie-scale contract, and is a bargain at the price. The Trade Machine says this deal is a loser for both teams, but I doubt it’s programmed to deal with suspended players.

While I’d be deeply sorry to see Lowry leave, the arrival of Faried and Miller would buck up my spirits considerably. Miller and Greivis Vasquez sharing point guard duties is workable, and Faried is a player with significant upside.

WWMD [What will Masai do?]: Masai Ujiri knows both Denver players very well; he was their GM last year. I strongly suspect the battle Miller is having with current management would dissipate upon his arrival in Toronto. Put another way, I don’t believe Miller is a serial malcontent, and won’t be a locker-room headache.

Likelihood: 15%. I’m sure Denver would be overjoyed to do a Lowry-for-Miller trade straight up, but Masai wasn’t born yesterday. He will insist upon Faried, or no deal. Denver will wait until the last minute before agreeing to add Faried, and would only do so if they were convinced that Lowry’s arrival gives them a fighting chance for a playoff berth – and that he will re-sign.

What do you say, Rapture Nation? And Nuggets fans, how do you feel about this deal? Let us know in the Comments.


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  • AM

    I’d love to have Faried, but then the Raps are sort of stuck with no starting caliber pg (no disrespect to Vasquez or Miller, I just don’t think they’re at that level of Lowry’s play this season). With Faried you’re getting the hustle etc that Hansborough brings, but to me, he’s a better match to the rest of the team. Who knows, with Masai. I can’t wait for the deadline, getting anxious to see what might happen.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi AM:
      You are quite right about no longer having a starting calibre PG. If Lowry walks, we don’t have one either. I’m trying to figure out ways to mitigate the damage.
      I’d take Faried over Hansbrough every day, so we certainly agree on that as well.
      I continue to hope that this problem will just disappear with the announcement of a multi-year deal with Kyle. Does he believe in the organization enough to want to stick around? Who knows?
      Thanks for commenting.

  • Rowdy101

    After watching the Kings game, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Raps are missing a big. A very “big”. They have miserable games when they run into large bigs in the paint who can hit the basket.
    I have no problem with their PG game. Inside is where the damage is being done right now against weaker teams with big bigs.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Rowdy:
      Yes, the game against the Kings was clear evidence of how far Jonas Valanciunas still has to travel in his professional career. When playing teams with beasts like DeMarcus Cousins, we need to find a beefy defensive centre with an edge, like a thicker Charles Oakley or a taller Chuck Hayes.
      Note my post about trading for Greg Monroe. Does that work for you?
      Let’s keep the dialogue alive.

      • Rowdy101

        Hi Brian,
        I haven’t seen Monroe enough to judge, but if he’s a beast, then he would fit right in. I wouldn’t trade Lowry though, assuming he wants to stay. The unfortunate removal may have to be Amir.

        Other notable item: the way things are looking, Wiggins may end up being a 5-10 pick, and in this instance, teams may want to deal with Toronto.

        • Newmarket_Brian

          Hi Rowdy:
          Monroe is a beast, which is why I said he’d bump Amir, who’s better as first big off the bench anyway. Johnson can play both PF & centre, and isn’t a complainer.
          I certainly hope you’re right about Wiggins. Maybe he’s the one who’s tanking for Toronto!

  • wij

    ummm… are you forgetting someone named Ty Lawson? Why would Denver trade for another starting PG? Unless there is a 3rd team involved this trade is not considered for a second.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi wij:
      No, I’m definitely not forgetting Ty Lawson. From the very first game I saw him play, I knew he was special. It really depends on how badly Denver wants to get rid of Miller. Even a rental of Lowry might look better than another season of paying Miller not to play.
      Your notion of a 3rd team’s involvement is sound. I try to stay away from that kind of speculation, as building 2-team deals is difficult enough. If you have an idea as to how this trade might be more feasible, please share.
      Thanks for commenting, and let’s keep the dialogue going.


    You know nothing

    • Newmarket_Brian

      If you have something to offer, why don’t you? Gratuitous insults like this one don’t count.

  • Guy

    The problem I see with this proposed deal is the assumption that Denver would be willing to give up Faried(who’s a good, exciting player on an inexpensive contract) & put themselves in the very position you want Toronto to avoid…. the chance of seeing Lowry walk at season’s end. This can be said of any proposed Lowry deal at this point.

    Unless there’s certainty that Kyle would re-sign with the team he’s traded to, & I don’t believe there is, I don’t see how any organization would give up a legitimate asset, which Faried is, for a player they could take a run at in free agency. It’s okay to muse about how Ujiri could shrewdly fill some team need with a Lowry trade, but I suspect all you’ll get is another role player or two with expiring deals & a late pick.