New POLL - Raptors' playoff opponents: who scares you most?

Rapture Nation, for the first time in too many years, I can write that the Toronto Raptors will be competing in the upcoming NBA playoffs. While the Eastern Conference final standings are near-impossible to predict, it’s reasonable to assume we’re not going to climb over the Indiana Pacers or Miami HEAT into the #1 or #2 seed. Nor are we going to tumble so far that we need to face either of those buzzsaws. With those caveats as a guide, the list of teams below is a “best-guess” of who will be the Raps’ first-round opponent. Of them, which one do you least want to face?

Which team is most likely to beat the Raps in the first round?

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You’re welcome to expand on your choice in the Comments.


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  • Dinos Charitopoulos

    Chicago and Brooklyn. The first will not be our 1st round opponents, hopefully. The Nets may be, and i dont like the idea. They play much better now, like the Boston Celtics used to play when they had Pierce, Garnett and Allen in their roster, meaning thay they were starting quietly and finishing strong the season. 2 of these 3 players belong to the Nets…there isnt anything more to add about it. History is knowledge.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi Dinos:
      I agree with you about the Bulls and Nets. If we can win the Atlantic Division crown, we can probably avoid those two. We’ll happily take our chances against the Wiz or ‘Cats. Can we beat either of the Beasts of the East in the second round? I’d love to find out.
      Thanks for commenting.