FanSided Editors hold mock draft - who did they (and I) select?

Mar 5, 2014; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Joel Embiid (center) celebrates after the game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Allen Fieldhouse. Kansas won the game 82-57. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports1

The Editors of all 30 FanSided NBA coverage sites held an online mock draft last week. I thought you might enjoy seeing their picks, and why they made them. Reading the comments provides insight into each team’s plans and aspirations.

I’m going to list all the picks today, then examine the Editors’ reasons a few at a time until Draft Night on the 26th. I’ve never participated in a mock draft where the Toronto Raptors are picking so far down at #20, and I experienced considerable frustration as player after player I thought could help our team was snapped up by someone else. Of course, I’m thrilled to have our team finally out of the accursed Lottery, and there’s always the hope that my longshot and somewhat capricious selection will work out for us.

Check in tomorrow for the Editors’ thoughts on the highly coveted picks 1-3.

2014 mock draft - FanSided editors' picks

1Cleveland CavaliersJoel EmbiidCentreKansas U.
2Milwaukee BucksJabari ParkerForwardDuke U.
3Philadelphia 76ers Andrew WigginsSwingmanKansas U.
4Orlando MagicDante ExumGuardAustralian Ins. of Sport
5Utah JazzAaron GordonPower ForwardArizona U.
6Boston CelticsNoah VonlehPower ForwardIndiana U.
7Los Angeles LakersJulius RandlePower ForwardKentucky U.
8Sacramento KingsMarcus SmartPoint GuardOklahoma State U.
9Charlotte HornetsNik StaukasSwingmanMichigan U.
10Philadelphia 76ersDario SaricPower ForwardCibona Zagreb
11Denver NuggetsGary HarrisSwingmanMichigan State U.
12Orlando MagicRodney HoodSwingmanDuke U.
13Minnesota Timberwolves Kyle AndersonPoint Guard UCLA
14Phoenix SunsTyler Ennis Point GuardSyracuse U.
15Atlanta HawksDoug McDermottForwardCreighton U.
16Chicago BullsJordan ClarksonGuardMissouri U.
17Boston CelticsJames YoungSwingmanKentucky U.
18Phoenix SunsAdreian PayneForwardMichigan State U.
19Chicago BullsElfrid PaytonGuardLouisiana-Lafayette U.
20Toronto RaptorsT.J. WarrenForwardNorth Carolina State U.
21OKC ThunderKristaps PorzingisCentreSevilla (Europe)
22Memphis GrizzliesClint CapelaPower ForwardChalon (Europe)
23Utah JazzGlenn Robinson III SwingmanMichigan U.
24Charlotte HornetsP.J. HairstonSwingmanTexas Legends
25Houston RocketsShabazz NapierPoint GuardConnecticut U.
26Miami HeatDeAndre DanielsSwingmanConnecticut U.
27Phoenix SunsJerami GrantSwingmanSyracuse U.
28Los Angeles ClippersZach LaVineShooting GuardUCLA
29OKC ThunderJordan AdamsShooting GuardUCLA
30San Antonio SpursBogan BogdanovicShooting GuardSerbia

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  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Wait a second! You guys have Nik Stausas at number 9? I am as proud of a Canadian as anyone else but even I know there is no way that Stauskas is going that high, especially with talent pool that is in this upcoming draft. I am shocked that no one put Melvin Ejim among the top 10 picks because that guys is a star in the Rashard Lewis mold. As for the Cavs picking Embiid at number one, I think that is a rumor being spread mainly a conspiracy to assure that Cleveland botches the draft because the rest of the world resents their ridicoulus luck.

    I mean Embiid’s mix of size, athleticism and talent is certainly intriguing, I won’t argue that; however, at best he is a “wild card” and in a draft with potential game changers such as Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker who will certainly make an immediate impact upon arriving in the league, wasting the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft over a hunch would be irresponsibly foolish. That’s the same thing the Clippers did in 1997 when the picked Olowokandi first overall over a draft pool that consisted of Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, and Shariff Abdur Rahim to name a few. Hell, even Wally Sczerbiak would have been a better choice at number one and we all know what resulted from that draft. Kandi Man turned out to be a Kandi-ass and became one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history.

    Let us about the Greg Oden fiasco of 2007 where the Blazers wasted their number one overall on him despite the entire world saying that Kevin Durant would have been the sure thing. Instead of having a potential championship caliber combo in LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant, and Brandon Roy, Blazer fans were forced to endure watching Oden spend all but 40 games in his Blazer career on the injured list. As for Durant, he would lead the team that picked him second overall in the draft to an NBA Finals and among the top teams in the Western Conference. As I see it, the Cavs are on the verge of making an equally devastating error picking a big man with more question marks than the Riddler’s costume than betting on a more prudent and logical pick, and that’s what I think what everyone in the league wants–to make sure the Cavs make a terrible decision thus botching one on the deepest draft classes in NBA history.

    • Newmarket_Brian

      Hi SDH:
      In this matter, I’m only “guilty” of the Raps’ pick, not anyone else’s. Certainly our man in Cleveland has his sources, and the trade press is saying the Cavs will take Embiid, so it’s hardly a gutsy choice.
      The problems with Embiid’s back are complicated, and no one is absolutely sure whether he has the injury which is little more than something caused by too much exercise, or one which is more serious.
      If the Cavs butcher this draft, they should be sent to bed without supper. No team has had better luck in the lottery than these guys.
      As for Oden – he was regarded as a sure thing, just as Durant was. So was Adam Morrison, and look how he turned out. The draft is a crapshoot.
      Thanks for commenting.