“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…”

Bryan Colangelo must be feeling some heat.  The press, which is covering the NBA Draft combine in Chicago, has decided that he’s the GM who gave Dion Waiters a promise.  Supposedly Waiters bailed without demonstrating anything because he doesn’t need to show off; he’s already got a job.  However, when BC was asked if he’s the one who issued this promise, BC reacted with anger, unusual in a man who likes to maintain his professional cool no matter what.  He flatly denied the “promise” rumour (and that’s all it is), and snarkily wondered why he’s the guy who always seems to get asked these kinds of questions.

I’m not terribly sympathetic.  The Raps have been dropping all manner of hints about how the #8 pick is in play, how a veteran wing player will be joining the team in some as-yet-unspecified manner.  In 2009, the Raps were briefly the toast of the NBA for their 4-team deal, which brought in Hedo Turkoglu (shudder) and featured the donation of a 2016 second-round draft pick to Memphis in order to satisfy the NBA’s Byzantine trade rules.  Since then Raps’ trades have been bits and pieces (Barbosa for a second-rounder?  Come again?), so one wonders if the time is ripe for a splashy, creative deal.

The buzz around this year’s draft crop seems to have died down.  There are some quality front court prospects, led by Unibrow Davis, but the small men don’t appear to be causing hearts to flutter.   Given the number of freshmen who are heading this draft, and the unlikeliness of any of them making a splash in their first season (they’re so young!), I can see why BC is questioning the wisdom of adding another beardless youth.  Even the pushover Raps’ commentators are saying that BC won’t keep his job if the team ends up in the draft lottery after the upcoming season.  Put another way, it’s playoffs or bust.   FWIW, I concur with that assessment.  You can’t rebuild forever.

BC seems to have a very tight lid on his operation; leaks are as common as Sasquatch sightings.  It’s hard to countenance the idea that after all the chatter, BC won’t  make a deal.  But he needs 2 other parties to agree to a trade – the other team, and the traded player(s).  Lord save us long-suffering fans from another Alonzo Mourning debacle.   MLSE has never shown much concern about its teams’ fan bases – do I need to mention Exhibit A, the Leafs?  But it’s past time for the Raps to throw the fans a bone, namely, a playoff team, and for that to happen, we need a stronger and healthier (please!) roster.  If BC has built us up, only to let us down, this is his last year in Tdot.