Toronto Raptors: Vegas over/under lines released

The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook has released their over/under lines for the season, and the Toronto Raptors are once again being underestimated.

Death, taxes, and American’s underestimating the Toronto Raptors. The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook has officially released their over/under win totals for the 2018-2019 season, and the Raptors open up at 54.5 wins.

Typically I am not one to complain about the lack of “respect” the Raptors, or any team for that matter, receives. Fans and media typically might be a hair slow to react, but more the most part, I cringe when I see the media-conspiracy takes.

However, it does seem odd that the Toronto is projected to have 4.5 wins less than last season despite significantly improving their team in the offseason.

Furthermore, when looking at the Raptor’s point differential, the best predictor of season-to-season success, Toronto actually projects to be slightly better than 59 wins.

An important item to note: Las Vegas is not usually not predicting the odds of what will happen, but instead trying to match equal betting interest on both sides. The perfect scenario for a Vegas over/under is equal money on each side.

So according to Vegas, most people believe the Raptors will be worse, at least in the regular season, than last year. Seems farfetched.

Yes, Toronto will be integrating two new players, but their overall lineup continuity still projects to be better than most teams. Eight of Toronto’s ten rotation players will be returning next season, and more than 70-percent of the team’s regular season minutes last season were accounted for by players on the current roster.

There is also the loss of head coach Dwane Casey. By all accounts Casey was a great coach during the regular season last year, but how many coach other than Gregg Popovich and perhaps Brad Stevens impact more than a few games?

Unless Nurse is a total disaster, it’s hard to argue for Casey impacting Toronto’s win total significantly.

The only remaining concern is the belief Kawhi Leonard will miss significant time this season. Maybe that concern is legitimate. However, if Leonard is able to play at least 60 games at his former peak, it’s hard imagining this team failing to hit the over.

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Don’t blame Vegas, they are just trying to guess the public’s opinion. And the public’s opinion is clearly down on the Raptors.