Three reasons the Toronto Raptors are doomed during playoffs

The Toronto Raptors are doomed this postseason. A failure of a franchise with no track record of success, here are three reasons to give up on this team before the playoffs start.

The Toronto Raptors don’t have the greatest track record in the playoffs. In the franchise’s history, they’ve made it to the conference finals just once and have a combined record of 27-50. They haven’t beaten a higher seeded team in 18 seasons.

But do those failures have anything to do with the Raptors current roster? Yes. Toronto is destined to playoff failure for the rest of the franchise’s history, and this season is no different.  There are plenty of reasons why this team won’t accomplish anything.

They brought back the same roster

Despite losing to the Cavaliers last year in the second round of the playoffs, Masai Ujiri decided to bring back nearly the entire Raptors roster unchanged. Since last year’s failure, they’ve added only one former Finals MVP, one former Defensive Player of the Year, and three NBA champions.

The Raptors are returning almost half of last year’s postseason roster and 49-percent of last year’s playoff minutes. They basically didn’t do anything. Some of their key additions, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, and Marc Gasol, have no playoff success on their résumé.

The pedigree of success in the conference

Look around the rest of the Eastern Conference. The Raptors can’t compete with that type of playoff experience and success.

The Milwaukee Bucks have almost won a playoff series. Their coach, Mike Budenholzer, used to coach the Atlanta Hawks, a team known for their postseason success.

The Philadelphia 76ers did win a playoff series last year. They were able to beat a talented Miami Heat team with players such as Hassan Whiteside starting. After that, they lost in the second round. However, they did manage to win a single game against a Boston team missing two of their best three players.

The Boston Celtics have a combined two championship rings on their roster! One of which belongs to Aron Baynes. The other belongs to a guy who might leave after the season. Sure everyone on this team hates each other, but I am sure that will magically be fixed sometime over the next month.

LeBron is just going to beat them again.

No matter how well the Raptors stock up, LeBron James is destined to dominate this team. He and the Los Angeles Lakers have been really promising of late and are red-hot entering the postseason. L.A. followed the sound gameplan of surrounding James with shooters as he worked tirelessly on both sides of the ball.

Toronto can’t beat any of the Eastern Conference contenders, and even if they did somehow manage to advance to the Finals, it would only lead to larger heartbreak. The season is over folks, you might as well not even watch.