Toronto Raptors: A disappointing history of game-ones

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TORONTO, ON – APRIL 13, 2019: Pascal Siakam (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors dropped the first game of the opening playoff round to the Orlando Magic. It just fits the pattern set throughout franchise history.

With a disappointing result in Friday’s game, the Toronto Raptors continued their game-one woes. The latest team to hand them a loss was the Orlando Magic who continues to be a heavy underdog in the series.

The Raptors lost on their home floor 104-101 after struggling to find their shooting stroke. A game one loss would normally get fans to panic. That shouldn’t be what’s happening in Toronto. The Raps are just not a Game-one team in the postseason.

The team has lost nine of their last 10 game ones, the majority of which came at home as the higher overall seed. The franchise has gone just 2-13 in playoff games over the course of franchise history. No organization has come close to producing a record this troublesome.

This opening game strife is just a playoff phenomenon. The Raptors struggles do not appear to manifest themselves during the regular season. In fact, they have been excellent in the inaugural game of the season. In the last dozen years, the Raps have gone 10-12 on opening day, including winning their last six.

Let’s explore the history of the Raptors’ playoff game-ones.

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