Toronto Raptors ultimate fan favourite tourney winner: Jonas Valanciunas

As we finish our fan favourite week, we decided to ask you, the fans, who was the Toronto Raptors All-Time Fan Favourite? After eight rounds and thousands of votes, Jonas Valanciunas walked away as the winner.

The fans have spoken. Five rounds, thousands of votes, and many eliminations later, Jonas Valanciunas is officially the Toronto Raptors all-time fan favourite.

Valanciunas entered this series as the one seed as the “New Wave Bracket” and lived up to that expectation. Each round he played in felt like a potential pitfall. However, JV’s dominant performance kept opponents at an arm’s length throughout the entire tournament.

The Lithuanian cult-figure took down several beloved figures en route to his championship victory.  Bruno Caboclo, Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, and Morris Peterson all lost at the hands of Valanciunas. In the finals, Peterson at least gave him a fight, while the other four matchups were complete blowouts.

 What makes Jonas Valanciunas a fan favourite?

Whether he was your choice or not, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t love JV.

He played hard, he didn’t argue when moved to a bench role, he even supported the team after being traded mid-season.

JV missed the era he should have been playing in by about a decade. His time in the league happened unfortunately happened to align with the small-ball era. Despite all of that, he managed to become a productive player. He added a three-point shot, lost some bulk, and became a relatively skilled perimeter player.

Everyone knows about the JV Hive, but his dominance in this tournament proved that Valanciunas support runs deeper than that. He was a dominant force and beloved fan figure. He’s the ultimate fan favourite. 

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Congratulations Jonas Valanciunas!!! You’ve won the Toronto Raptors fan favourite tournament, where are you going next? “Memphis.?… no, it’s supposed to be Disney World”

Too soon?