Toronto Raptors: Masai Ujiri is a future Hall of Famer

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Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors- Masai Ujiri (Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images)

After a championship summer, the Hall of Fame cases for current Toronto Raptors players were heavily debated. As it turns out, Masai Ujiri has a strong case to get in.

In the middle of discussing the cases for Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol to make the Hall of Fame, one prominent factor of the Toronto Raptors’ recent success has rarely been mentioned to go to Springfield. Masai Ujiri has been among one of the best executives in basketball for this decade and has not only had a huge impact on Canadian basketball but basketball around the world.

It is fair to see why Masai Ujiri is hardly mentioned when it comes to potential Hall of Fame candidates. The people eligible to make the basketball Hall of Fame are eligible to make it as a player, coach, referee, or contributor. Masai, and other executives would fall under being a contributor. Anyone who makes the NBA under this category is described as someone who made “significant contributions” to the game of basketball.

Getting in won’t be an easy task. That’s not to say players, coaches or referees that made the hall of fame under the other categories did, but a “contributor” is quite vague and some players or coaches have gotten into the hall of fame under that category. Out of the 60 Hall of Fame classes, only eight of them have more than two contributors for their year. 20 of them didn’t even have a contributor elected for their class.

There might be a strict cut off to who gets in, but Masai’s track record as a contributor to the game of basketball should be enough to get him in. To know what exactly makes him a Hall of Famer, it would make sense to look at possibly his biggest contribution that affected not just the NBA, but an entire continent.

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