Washington Wizards (101) vs. Raptors (104) – Game Recap [PS4]


DeMar DeRozan (10). Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Kyle Lowry’s first game as a Rap was a success, but it wasn’t easy. In a surprisingly exciting, albeit sloppy, game, the Raps won the even-numbered quarters sufficiently to eke out a 3 point win. Here’s a little gonzo journalism:

  • Starting for Raps are: Andrea, Jonas V, Kyle, DeMar & Fields (those are Game 1 starters, it says here)
  • Wiz announce: Vesely, Webster, Okafor, Crawford, Price

The Raps played some interesting combinations. Late in game, Coach ran a 2-PG squad with no ill effects. We’ll see this a lot in tight matches, I’m thinking.

3-ball shooting is weak (4/15). Jose is 2/4; everyone else 2/11?

DeRozan’s 5 favourite musicians are revealed as Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Kanye, & JayZ [DeMar, you need to get out more! ]

Jon Bon Jovi is at courtside, and gets a big hand when announced after Q1. Of course, they play “Livin’ on a prayer” very loudly!

The Wiz aren’t bad at all. I’d take this Earl Barron guy on my squad (6 offensive rebounds) & he’s huge! I can now see why the press is predicting Bradley Beal to make some noise at PG. He’s fast yet under control, & shoots well. He doesn’t play like a rookie. Trevor Booker played the best game I’ve ever seen from him. I don’t think the Wiz can conjure up 35 wins, particularly if John Wall misses a third of the season, but it’s not impossible.

Raps who helped themselves:

  • Lowry – quality ballhandling & passing (6 assists & 3 steals against 2 turnovers), & hit free throws in crunch time.
  • DeRozan – seems to have developed a quicker first step, which is serving him well on his drives to the bucket. I’d still like to see his jumper more often.
  • Fields – tossed aside the cloak of invisibility & made some nice backdoor cuts to receive good passes from DD on way to 15 points
  • Johnson – made 4 sort-of jumpers (more like set shots, but let it pass) from top of key; 13 points & solid D
  • Calderon – stats tell the story: 8 assists against 0 turnovers, 2 steals, 12 points – if we trade this guy, we better get some serious value coming back

Who held their ground:

  • Bargnani – 2 blocked shots, 6 boards; even when the shots aren’t falling, you can defend
  • Davis – good boards, but flubbed uncontested cram & easy pass after that; the worst hands since Antonio Davis
  • Lucas – don’t ever doubt the merit of sheer hustle
  • JV – some fouls, but it’s a learning process. He belongs at this level.
  • Anderson – fine second-unit guy; reliable & knows his limits

Who struggled:

  • Kleiza – he’s got swagger, & little else. “Big hat. No cattle.”
  • McGuire – 1 bucket & no boards in 11+ minutes. Good thing he blocked Beal’s 3-ball as time ran down; if he’d fouled him instead, he’d probably be packing his bags
  • BoBs – no minutes for Gray, Acy, Wright, McNeal, Magloire, & Wright. It’s hard to make the team when you’re merely practice-floor fodder.

Who was dressed, but didn’t play, and wasn’t announced as Ineligible, nor show up on the Gamesheet:

  • Terrence Ross. I can offer no enlightenment.


  • 11:03 – Lowry drives for first bucket as Rap
  • 8:18 – JV freezes Okafor with ball fakes, then drives for cram
  • 4:37 – DeMar makes lazy pass, which is picked off & becomes and1 for Booker
  • 3:06 – Andrea blocks shot!
  • Wiz go on late run to lead 34-24


  • 10:54- Jose turns corner, uses hesitation move on way to pretty layup
  • 4:47 – DeRozan drives for hoop & harm; Raps crawl back to 40-39 Wiz
  • seconds left – Lowry hits FTs; Raps wipe out Wiz lead with better defence & go into locker ahead 54-49


  • 8:36 – Raps sleepwalking as lead slips away; Wiz up 59-57
  • 2:50 – another Amir ’50s style set shot hits nothing but net; Raps up 69-67
  • 1:31 – Amir fakes set-shot, takes it to hoop & fouled; makes both 
  • Wiz slip in front 77-73 as Q ends


  • 7:40 – brilliant Lucas fade-away cuts lead in uptempo quarter to 86-83
  • 6:22 – Jose’s 3 ties game at 88
  • 3:15 – bodies go flying; no foul?
  • 3:01 – Fields short J; we’re down 95-94
  • 2:35 – Lowry slices between big defenders for layup
  • 1:58 – JV takes Lowry pass & drives; fouled & makes both – Raps lead by 1
  •   :59 – Fields makes 2 FTs; PIZZA!! (oh yeah, Raps up 100-97)
  •   :16 & :13 – Lowry smacked down hard twice; makes FTs (Raps lead 104-101)
  •   :04 – McGuire blocks Beal from 3; Lowry dribbles it out despite being chased
  •   :00 – Raps win!

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