Hot Start To The Week, Finishes Cold: Raptors Rapture Weekly Player Grades


Welcome back to the second edition of our weekly player grades. After an exciting and uplifting first week to the NBA season, the Toronto Raptors found themselves in a rut the end of this week. The first half of the week allowed the Toronto Raptors to extend their unbeaten streak to five games, a franchise record to open the season. Opening the week with back-to-back wins against the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Toronto Raptors then traveled to Florida, were their performances fell flat this weekend.  The final possession of the game against the Orlando Magic ultimately snapped the Raptors’ winning streak. Looking to bounce back in Miami on Sunday, the Raptors weren’t able to provide a second half effort fans were used to seeing coming out of the break. The Raptors were only able to record 29 points in the second half of the game in Miami, extending their losing streak to two games.

One thing that’s for sure in this week’s edition of our player grades – they won’t be a pretty as they were last week.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s player grades for the week of  November 2nd through November 8th.

G. Toronto Raptors. CORY JOSEPH. B-. Cory Joseph slowly continues to become an integrated part of this Raptors team, whether it’s on offence or defence. This past Friday we witnessed Cory drop 19 points in 29 minutes of play against the Orlando Magic. A performance where Cory was the “spark plug” to this team’s level of play. Cory managed to average 9.5 points per game this week on 58 percent shooting from the field 

D-. After signing a 3 year, 33 million contract extension this week, Terrence Ross’ performance on the court made you wonder why Masai Ujiri even offered Terrence Ross a rich new contract. Through 72 minutes of play this week, Terrence only provided the Raptors with 7 measly points, 7! A number total of points scored in a week I never want to see ever again! . G. Toronto Raptors. TERRENCE ROSS

A-. Whenever DeMar DeRozan wants to shoot at the free throw line, he does it at his own will. A terrific week from the Raptors premier shooting guard, DeMar was able to get to the line 41 times this week, scoring 92 percent of those shots. An effort I’m very proud of and I hope continues throughout the season. His highlight performance of the week came in his effort against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday. 28 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. . G. Toronto Raptors. DEMAR DEROZAN

B. Not the most efficient shooting effort from Kyle Lowry this week, 39.5% from the field is odd for the Raptors’ starting point guard. Kyle’s double-double game in Dallas (27 points and 10 assists) was one to remember though. In his two games in Florida against the Magic and the Heat, Kyle wasn’t able to give us his regular valiant effort but he’s not to blame, a lot of the wide open passes Kyle was able to provide didn’t result in buckets scored. . PG. Toronto Raptors. KYLE LOWRY

Rookie Mentions:  We didn’t see much of Norman Powell and Delon Wright this week aside from the second episode of this season’s “Open Gym.” If you have 20 minutes to spare I highly recommend watching it. A real in-depth look at the two entering Raptors training camp this past summer.

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C+. Welcome James Johnson to our weekly player grades blog post! We saw very little of James last week and now with the injury to DeMarre Carroll hindering when DeMarre will be back, expect James Johnson to fill his role in his absence. James Johnson was able to play 26 minutes as a starter in Miami on Sunday. Not the biggest contributor on the court (everyone was playing bad that night) with only 7 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. I due expect James to fill in the role of small forward quite comfortably with more starting minutes as we head to week three of the NBA schedule. . F. Toronto Raptors. JAMES JOHNSON

C+. After his huge 19 point performance in Dallas on Tuesday, Luis Scola managed to fall off the map for the rest of the week. The power forward position this week wasn’t a reliable one and Luis Scola and Patrick Patterson are to blame. Minus the Dallas game, Luis Scola and our rebounding issues were magnified the rest of the week. Luis Scola was only able to grab 14 rebounds in three games (vs OKC,ORL and MIA) in comparison to last week were he was able to grab 24 in 3 games.<span style=. F. Toronto Raptors. LUIS SCOLA

D. Patrick Patterson ended the first week to the NBA season on a high note, scoring 16 points against Milwaukee. This past week was a complete 180 in his performance on the court. Patrick Patterson had just as bad as a week as Terrence Ross, managing to score only two more points than Terrence did this week (9 pts). Along with Luis Scola, Patrick Patterson’s ability to grab rebounds was non-existent. 11 rebounds in the span of four games is just shameful. . F. Toronto Raptors. PATRICK PATTERSON

B. A consistent contributor this past week, Jonas Valanicunas receives a “B” grade this week. Jonas was one of three Raptors starters that actually provided some energy and skill on the court, making his presence known when called for. One negative play that did hurt Jonas’ grade this week was the final possession against the Orlando Magic on Friday. With the game on the line and the ball in Jonas’ hands (Not the smartest decision in my opinion) Jonas was rushed into throwing up a shot attempt. Not completely setting his body and hips for a proper move towards the basket. A side from that Jonas Valanciunas really did have a solid week. . C. Toronto Raptors. JONAS VALANCIUNAS

C. You get what you pay for in Bismack Biyombo. He will never be an offensive threat on the offensive side of the court, in which kinda hurts his grade but as long as he stays and plays sound defense he will always be welcomed. It’s been another week of Bismack playing into his role, with some ups and downs. With a solid 97.9 defensive rating through 7 games the signing of Biyombo has worked out well so far.. C. Toronto Raptors. BIYOMBO

Mentions: Lucas Nogueria made his NBA debut this season against the Miami Heat. 3 shy minutes of play and only 3 points to record. Canadian kid, Anthony Bennett saw his minutes increase slightly, 14 minutes on the court this week. We may find him on the court more often if the struggles of Luis Scola and Patrick Patterson continue.

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That’s the end of our weekly player grades. Do you agree, disagree? Who warranted a better grade, who deserved a lower one? Let us know in the comment section below or you can head over to our twitter account @raptorsrapture to discuss more about this week’s players performances.