Power Forward free agents Raptors may look at

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Others listed include:

David Lee (UFA, Boston Celtics) – He’s not the defender/rebounder the Raptors are looking for. His career has been built on offense, at which he’s been surprisingly effective. David is receiving more than $15 million to watch games, just as he did in Golden State. Nothing to see here, folks.

David West (PO, San Antonio Spurs) – He’s not leaving the Spurs. He took a huge haircut in salary so he win a championship there. West has been a terrific player for a decade and is one of the most respected players in the league. One day the Raptors will be the destination of choice for people like him, but not yet.

Josh Smith (UFA, Los Angeles Clippers) – This guy is way past his best-before date. He’ll want to get paid for his prior accomplishments, and doesn’t have much future.

Merza Teletovic (UFA, Phoenix Suns) – He’s a talented shooter, but I haven’t seen much else from him. Pass.

Ryan Anderson (UFA, New Orleans Pelicans) – There’s a lot to like about Ryan, but his injury history is worrisome. Also, he’s a stretch-4, and that’s not for me. He’ll command big bucks somewhere.

OK, let’s get to the players we’d actually want to tender offers to.

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