Raptors Top Ten Draft Selections of all time

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DAMON STOUDAMIRE – “combo” guard: University of Arizona

Selected by: Isiah Thomas, #7, 1995

John Bitove Jr. hired Isiah Thomas as the Raptors’ first General Manager, and this selection was the first of three winners Isiah brought to town. The draft took place at Skydome (now the Rogers Centre), the first and only time it’s been held in Toronto. The large crowd in attendance was expecting to hear either Ed O’Bannon or Cherokee Parks’ name called. Instead, there was a chorus of boos when David Stern announced Stoudamire as the Raptors’ choice. However, just like this year, when Knicks fans’ boos have turned to cheers at the mention of Kristaps Porzingis, “Mighty Mouse” Stoudamire won over Toronto fans in a hurry. The sight of 5’10” Stoudamire launching nothing-but-net jump shots over players a foot taller was a wonder.

DamonStoudmire /

He won a starting job with relative ease and was selected the NBA Rookie of the Year. Damon was perhaps the only reason to watch the Raptors those first years, as they routinely got their lights punched out. Sadly, he only played 2+ seasons in purple before a trade to Portland. Although there were rumours he wanted out of Toronto because the losing was getting depressing, and his hometown Trail Blazers were a better team, the move did not prove a huge success for him. He played seven seasons there but never matched his Raptors numbers.

While there were no more awards in his future, Mighty Mouse played in 12+ NBA seasons, started 793 of 878 games and retired with a career average of 13.4 Points and 6.1 Assists. You could do a lot, lot worse.

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