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MORRIS PETERSON – small forward, Michigan State

Selected by: Glen Grunwald, #21, 2000

“Mo Pete” was a clutch performer and seasoned leader even before touching the hardwood in Toronto. Peterson was instrumental in leading the Michigan State Spartans to an NCAA title in 2000 before announcing for draft eligibility. Having solidified himself as a college stud from 1995-2000, Peterson’s number “42” was retired within the confines of MSU.

Peterson’s success started early in Toronto as he was a fan favorite the minute he stepped on the court. Despite seeing his stats plateau early in his career, the spotlight found him later on as a veteran who would help lead a nucleus of young Raptors in his twilight years.

Peterson would never stand out like he did in college but would be a steady contributor weather off the bench or starting. A workhorse mentality on both ends produced praise of a top tier perimeter defender and a sharpshooter to look out for on the offensive end.

MorrisPeterson /

Mo Pete helped give the Raptors stellar two-way wing play in the early to mid-2000’s and a dependable clutch performer during their playoff appearances.

Peterson’s most memorable was easily his interception of Washington Wizard’s big man Michael Ruffin. With mere seconds left in a game to determine playoff seeding, Ruffin attempted to heave the ball in the air to kill the shot clock, but ended up allowing Peterson to catch to prematurely and launch a hail mary 3 to force overtime. Peterson only played less than a minute in this contest.

To this day, Mo Pete still leads the Raptors in games played and 3 pointers made.

  • by Greg Chow

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