Raptors Top Ten Draft Selections of all time

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CHRIS BOSH – Forward/Centre, Georgia Tech

Selected by: Glen Grunwald, #4, 2003

Dubbed “CB4” for his initials and jersey number combo, Chris Bosh was arguably the franchise’s closest thing to a cornerstone next to Vince Carter at the time. After leading the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets with averages of 15.6 points, 9 rebounds and over 2 blocks a game, Bosh would immediately land a spot on the Raptors roster where he would be expected to play a huge role as one of few dependable players outside of Vince Carter.

In the 2003-04 season Bosh would be forced to play out of position as the Raptors starting 5, with Antonio Davis being traded to the Chicago Bulls. Despite being undersized and much less stronger than most centres at the time, CB4 finished his rookie campaign with averages of 11.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per game. He led all rookies in rebounds and blocks solidifying himself as the next star of the team almost guaranteeing the trade of an ever annoyed Vince Carter.

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Chris Bosh was a constant on the team despite seeing many roster and management turnovers in his time spent with Toronto. He played a big part in the post Carter/McGrady resurgence, leading the team to division titles and eventually the playoffs.

Despite Bosh being traded before he retooled himself into more of a stretch-4 and big threat from the 3-point line, he is still widely considered second best player to play for Toronto (pace DeMar DeRozan.) He still leads the Raptors all-time in points, rebounds and win shares.

  • by Greg Chow

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