Raptors Top Ten Draft Selections of all time

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JONATHAN BENDER – Power Forward, Picayune High School [traded on draft night for Antonio Davis]

Selected by: Glen Grunwald, #5, 1999

The Raptors selected Jonathan Bender, and flipped him to acquire Antonio Davis. At the time there were a lot of questions but it will go down as one of the best trades in Raptors history.

Jonathan was drafted fresh out of high school with big expectations. He had amazing size, strength and athleticism. He also had great skill as a young man coming into the league. He was the first player in NBA history to score in double figures in a first appearance out of high school. Unfortunately, injuries derailed his career after 8 years while only playing in 262 games.

Antonio Davis

, on the other hand, provided the veteran leadership and all-star play (2001) that a young team needed to put together some of the most successful Raptors ball clubs. With Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady in their NBA infancy, the team made their first playoff birth in 2000, and even won their first playoff series the following season with invaluable experience Davis brought to the Raptors team.

AntonioDavis /

Davis averaged 12.9 points and 9.2 rebounds in his time with the franchise, while helping put the Toronto Raptors on the map. Davis will go down as one of the most beloved Raptors in history.

  • by Graeme Klayh

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