Taking a look at NBA 2K18’s Raptors All-Time Greats team

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 21: DeMar DeRozan /

2K Sports is set to release NBA2k18 on September 19. They have released the player ratings in advance and we take a look at NBA 2K18’s Toronto Raptors all-time greats team.

The Toronto Raptors have had their fair share of stars that have made a mark on the team throughout the franchise’s history. Fans often reminiscent of Raptors players of the past in their prime and the question lingers as to what a team of the Toronto Raptors greatest’s players of all-time would look like.

Look no further, NBA 2K has created an all-time Raptors team on the latest version of the game NBA 2K18. They barely missed a beat on this one, nailing almost every player you could’ve thought of on the roster.

Taking a look at the roster, you might say some familiar talent is missing or perhaps someone is rated too low or too high.

Here is the NBA 2K Raptors All-Time squad:

Some surprises of note:


Andrea Bargnani was snubbed off the roster.

His seven season stretch with the Toronto Raptors was great. His career stats in Toronto were 15.2 PPG, 4.8 REBS, 1.3 ASTS on 43% FG and 36% 3PT.

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Bargnani’s best season in Toronto was in 2011 where he averaged 21.4 PPG, 5.2 REBS, 1.8 ASTS on 44% FG and 34% 3PT. He averaged 19.5 PTS the following season in 2012.

Bargnani belongs as one of the Raptors all-time greats over guys who never really took their talents to his level such as Alvin Williams, Terrence Ross or Amir Johnson.

He should be seen as an 80 or 81 overall in NBA 2K18.

DeMar DeRozan earns the starting spot over Tracy McGrady who is a Hall of Famer. McGrady never hit his peak on the Raptors and eventually took his talents to Orlando.

The starters of the Raptors 2K team and the best players at each position of all-time:

Kyle Lowry rightfully sits as the Raptors best point guard of all-time

Lowry had his breakout year in 2013 and has gotten better every year since eventually becoming an all-star.

Both Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are coming off their best seasons.

Ever since Bosh left,  DeRozan has taken over as the franchise star player and has fans excited for their future.

The Lowry and DeRozan duo managed to take the Raptors to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in franchise history which easily makes them the greatest Raptors duo since McGrady and Carter.

10 Mar 2002: This is a close up of guard Vince Carter
10 Mar 2002: This is a close up of guard Vince Carter /

Vince Carter is the starting small forward (as he should be). There is absolutely no debate here. Every Raptors fan has grown up idolizing Carter.

Toronto fans still dream of the championship that he and McGrady could’ve brought to the city. Carter is still playing at age 40 in the NBA and will always be looked at as a franchise legend.

Chris Bosh is the starting power forward and Raptors fans were fortunate enough to see this star in his prime.

Big men who can shoot threes are highly valued in today’s NBA and Bosh would still fit right in as a star. He is one of the most respected and talented players that Toronto fans have ever seen.

Antonio Davis is the starting center. Davis had a good five-year stretch with the Raptors averaging a double-double in 2001 and coming up huge in their playoff run.

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Did 2K miss any of the Raptors All-Time greats?

Were some players rated higher or lower than expected?

2K player ratings aren’t perfect but they deserve some praise for bringing the Raptors all-time team to life in their video game.