DeMar DeRozan “I’ve never felt like I couldn’t shoot threes”

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 01: Demar Derozan
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 01: Demar Derozan /

DeMar has enjoyed high-scoring nights for the Raptors, but not many which included three 3-balls. Last night’s win against the Jazz might be the start of something very exciting.

The Toronto Raptors came out strong with a 109-100 victory over the Utah Jazz. DeMar DeRozan led the way with 37 PTS, 6 REBS, 2 ASTS on 50% FG. This game helped put the Raptors back on track after the Denver Nuggets blowout. More than anything, this game showed us what a confident and aggressive DeMar can do for the team.

DeRozan shrugs off three-point woes.


When DeMar showed off his three-point shooting work in the off-season, he looked confident. However, in the pre-season, he was shooting only 20% from three. Prior to the Jazz game, the Raptors guard was only shooting 22% from the three, only making 2 out of his 9 attempted.

This could’ve been because he hasn’t found any comfort with his three-point shot with an NBA level of defense. It looked clear that he wasn’t confident in his shot either, settling for a contested mid-range or drive instead of an open three.

DeRozan however, begs to differ and says that he really doesn’t care about shooting threes.

"“It’s just one of them things,” DeRozan said “Me, I never really made it a big deal to shoot threes but I’ve never felt like I couldn’t. So my thing is just getting to the spots and treating it like a bucket. I never look at it if I’m behind the line or in front of the line. I just got to score at that moment. Whatever it is I got to be ready for it.”"

The Raptors star was definitely in a moment of his own, scoring 3 of his attempted 7 three-pointers. Notably, all of the three’s DeMar took had a hand up in his face which could mean that he has found his confidence in his shot.

Rudy Gobert said that DeRozan gains that confidence from his free-throws.

“I think he gets confidence off the free-throw line.” said Gobert “Once he makes his free-throws, he knows that he can take (tough) shots… because he gets to the free-throw line whenever he wants.”

He made an and-one three and after his third make from behind the line, he gave a shrug reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s.

As of now, DeRozan is shooting 31% from beyond the three-point arc. He has some work to do to catch up to the NBA league average of 35%. The 6’6 guard’s confidence and aggressiveness are paying off and benefiting the Raptors. If it is true that DeMar doesn’t look where he is shooting from, perhaps he shouldn’t focus on shooting three’s. Maybe he’ll find his three-point stroke when he only attempts them “in the moment”.

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