Dwight Howard says Hornets can learn from Lowry and DeRozan

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 29: Dwight Howard
TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 29: Dwight Howard /

Future Hall of Famer Dwight Howard loves Canada. He’s impressed by how the country provides the Raptors an energetic fanbase. Howard believes the Charlotte Hornets can learn a lot from the Toronto Raptors stars.

The Toronto Raptors pulled off a 126-113 victory against a Kemba Walker-less Charlotte Hornets. The Raptors are known for their passionate and energetic fanbase throughout Canada. Howard wishes for Canada to host a second NBA team. But what Howard really wants is to develop a relationship like the Raptors stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

The Raptors duo chemistry is desired by many.

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 29: Kyle Lowry /

No matter how many superstars you throw on a team together, none will succeed without chemistry. Whenever you think of stars with great chemistry, Lowry and DeRozan should be the prime example. They combined for 66 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds and shot 65% FG last night against the Hornets.

While they are great teammates on the court, they’re also best friends off the court.

Howard gives credit to Kyle and DeMar for the Raptors success and uses them as an example of what great chemistry is.

“A team that’s gotten together and really bonded off the court has success.” Dwight told SportsNet Dave Zarum “You can just look at the relationship that Kyle [Lowry] and DeMar [DeRozan] have — they’re such good friends away from the game that it makes it easier to play with each other.”

Alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Raptors stars bond is unlike any other. While they barely talked the first season Lowry first joined the Raptors, they clicked somewhere down the road.

“We can’t pinpoint when we became tight.” said Lowry “That’s how you know it’s real. It was no one thing. Just being around each other, hanging out, going through the wars together.”

The Raptors have had the dynamic duo since 2012 and they’ve learned to become leaders together since. The Hornets have only had Dwight and Walker paired up for about 20 games so far this NBA season. Most won’t be able to achieve the bond that DeMar and Kyle have simply because it’s more than just a friendship.

“I’d call DeMar a best friend. A genuine, awesome, great guy.” Lowry stated. “It’s beyond friendship if there’s a word for that. Family, that’s the only other word for DeMar.”

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 12: Kyle Lowry /

"“It takes awhile. But they’ve pretty much mastered it.” said Howard. “They’re great teammates, and whatever the Raptors accomplish starts with those two. It’s why they’ve been so successful over the years”"

The Hornets currently have an 8-12 record compared to the Raptors 13-7 record. If anything can help Charollete improve, it’s chemistry, but most won’t be able to achieve the bond Lowry and DeRozan share.

“We stay in constant communication. People don’t understand that our friendship is bigger than basketball.” said Lowry “If he had signed somewhere else, I still would have said the same thing. This isn’t a façade of two teammates who look friendly – this truly is a real friendship.”

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