All-star 2018: Making A Case For Kyle Lowry

TORONTO, ON - December 05: Kyle Lowry
TORONTO, ON - December 05: Kyle Lowry /

Has Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry any chance of making this season’s All-Star game? Here’s the case for his inclusion.

Voting will soon open up for fans to send their favorite players to Los Angeles for the 2018 all-star game. Over the past couple of years, Raptors fans have been one of the best at getting their stars in. Although Lowry was able to secure one of the two starting backcourt spots in 2015 and 2016, this year is sure to be interesting.

With four of the east all-stars going west and Gordon Hayward suffering an unfortunate injury, the eastern conference looked weak. However, the emergence of players like Victor Oladipo and Ben Simmons could result in players like Lowry missing out entirely. Still, the backcourt from Toronto has not received as much recognition as they deserve for their recent success.


ORLANDO, FL – NOVEMBER 20: Victor Oladipo
ORLANDO, FL – NOVEMBER 20: Victor Oladipo /

One of the things that have helped Kyle Lowry’s case was his scoring ability. when he was named a starter in 2015 and 2016 he was averaging 19.8ppg  and 21.1ppg respectively. However, he has had a difficult time scoring the ball recently averaging just 16ppg on 43% shooting. With four of the top 10 spots in total points being held by 4 east guards, it may be difficult for him to be voted in this year.

Here are some of the Eastern conference guards Kyle Lowry will be challenging for a spot in the all-star game:

  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Kyrie Irving
  • John Wall
  • Bradley Beal
  • Victor Oladipo
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Kemba Walker
  • Ben Simmons
  • D’Angelo Russell

The first 5 names are locks for an all-star spot due to their popularity and recent play. This is where it becomes difficult with 5 spots already being filled, only one remains for Lowry to claim. Even with other players putting up career numbers, there are still reasons for him to make the 2018 all-star team.


If we were only voting based on how players performed in the month of November, Lowry would undoubtedly earn an all-star spot. Kyle Lowry averaged 18 ppg, 6reb, and 7ast in November with a True shooting of 68.8%. DeAndre Jordan was the only all-star from last year to put up a higher True shooting %. His numbers this season, not just from one month, are still impressive. If he continues to average 16ppg, 6reb, and 7ast for the rest of the season, he would be the shortest basketball player in NBA and ABA history to do so.


As many Raptor fans already know, Kyle Lowry leads the NBA in charges drawn with 19 this season. I am aware that drawing charges will not be a huge part of the upcoming all-star game. However, millions who tune in to the all-star game have been disappointed in the lack of effort in the past couple of years. With these complaints resulting in a change of format, it would be best to add the most competitive players. The way he puts his body on the line every night at his height and age proves there are not many players in the NBA as competitive as Kyle Lowry.

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In the end, the decision on whether or not Kyle Lowry makes the all-star team will likely depend on how the coaches vote. There is a chance that he gets the spot because of his all-around play or as a respected veteran. There is also a chance he misses out due to the emergence of another player, perhaps from the group listed above. Kyle Lowry and other guards competing for a spot have until January 15th, when voting ends, to make a case for the all-star roster.

Voting has started on and the NBA App. Voting on other platforms starts on December 25th.