As Trade Deadline nears, Raptors Should Look Into Acquiring One of These Players

TORONTO, CAN - FEBRUARY 26: Kyle Lowry /

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, teams are looking to fortify their rosters. Some are looking to make a second-half playoff push, while others are trying to solidify themselves as championship contenders.

For the Toronto Raptors, they’re looking at the latter. The Raptors have become solid all-around team compared to years past. However, if they want to solidify themselves as the “beasts of the east”, they need to add proven scorers to help the younger players.

The Raptors lack a true third scoring option. Serge Ibaka notwithstanding, adding that extra player will benefit everyone. The Raptors are aiming to make a deep playoff run and they should target these players:

Lou Will
SACRAMENTO, CA – JANUARY 11: Lou Williams /

The return of Lou Williams

O, how sweet the return of former Toronto Raptors 6th man of the year would be. Lou Williams has been absolutely balling out this year while coming off the bench for the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s managed to smash his career-best points per game at a current pace of 22.9. He’s also shooting a career-high 41.2-percent from the 3-line on seven attempts per game. Lou Will has looked incredible, playing at an All-Star level and single-handedly winning games for the Clippers. With the Clippers currently sitting ninth in the West and only a game behind the New Orleans Pelicans and the last playoff spot, it might prove challenging to convince them to part ways. Lou Will would be a perfect addition to the Raptors roster. To acquire Lou Will the Raptors would more than likely have to trade Jonas Valanciunas and a pick for Lou Williams and Wesley Johnson.

Tyreke Evans
MEMPHIS, TN – JANUARY 10: Tyreke Evans /

The rejuvenated career of Tyreke Evans

There’s absolutely no arguing that this has been Tyreke Evans’s best season since his rookie year. He (like DeMar DeRozan) has finally taken the step of adding a 3-point shot to his game. Evans has always been a good scorer but he severely lacked a jump shot. By adding just that to his game he’s become lethal. Coupling that with Evans’s speed, size, and ability as a playmaker he would be a welcome addition to the Raptors bench squad. He’s also on an extremely cap friendly contract, so the Raptors would be fools to not put forward their best effort in acquiring Evans. Getting Evans would require trading either Lucas Nogueira and Norman Powell or Bruno Caboclo and Norman Powell. (Norman can’t be traded because of his contract extension – suggestions welcome)

Nikola Mirotic
DALLAS, TX – JANUARY 5: Nikola Mirotic /

The Beat Up and Broken Nikola Mirotic

After having his face broken by teammate Bobby Portis things seem to be coming to an end for Nikola Mirotic and the Chicago Bulls. Mirotic has been a rather large disappointment throughout his career. Initially projected to be a lethal scorer Mirotic has been streaky at best. But this year, things have been different, since returning from injury Mirotic has averaged 17.4 PPG while adding seven rebounds per game. Mirotic has been hitting 2.8 three PG while also shooting an incredible 46.5-percent from beyond the arc.

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Mirotic would help the depth at the forward position and stretches the floor quite well. While Mirotic has been showing out this year there is still a cloud of doubt following him around. No one can be certain if this is just a flash in the pan or if the ‘real’ Nikola Mirotic has finally shown up. Acquiring Mirotic would see the Raptors trading Jonas Valanciunas for the likes of Nikola Mirotic and Camron Payne.

Jabari Parker
MILWAUKEE, WI – SEPTEMBER 25: Jabari Parker /

Jabari Parker – Boom or Bust?

This is probably the biggest gamble out of all four options. As a betting man myself, I am quite intrigued by the idea of having Jabari Parker. The issue is that Jabari has only played in a total of 152 games over the last 3 seasons. Unfortunately, Jabari has already suffered two ACL tears to the same knee. This has caused a lot of doubt about Jabari’s ability to stay healthy throughout a full season. That being said, Jabari has shown improvement every single year, having career-highs in PPG (20.1), RPG (6.2) APG (2.8) 3PM (1.3). Jabari also has the length and athleticism to be a shutdown defensive player. With all his possible injury risks, if Jabari can manage to stay healthy he could be a potential All-Star for years to come. Getting Parker from the Milwaukee Bucks would require the Raptors to trade both Lucas Nogueira and Bruno Caboclo.

Wrapping it up

Masai Ujiri has shown that he isn’t looking to simply trade for the sake of it. Should the right opportunity arise he is more than willing to make a deal. Acquiring one of these players could be a game changer for the Raptors.

If you have any trade suggestions, please feel free to comment and debate them. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.