Toronto Raptors: Ranking the roster’s trade value

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As the trade deadline approaches, many Toronto Raptors have been rumored as potential trade pieces, but how does their value hold up around the NBA?

Around this time every year rumors start to circulate. Player X becomes available, Team Y needs a rotation piece, and organization Z has decided to blow up its current core. For years now, the Raptors have been labeled as a team that needs a shake-up.

The label is not due to the Raptors play this season. By most standards the Raptors have overachieved, they are currently ranked second in the Eastern Conference and, according to, have the third highest projected record in the NBA.

But after multiple playoff disappointments, it is understandable why the team might consider making a deal.

If the Raptors were to make a deal, major or minor, who would be valued most highly? This, of course, depends on the trading partner. What is value for the Cleveland Cavaliers, might not be as enticing to the Brooklyn Nets.

Still, there is a general hierarchy and value around the league, and as the trade deadline looms it is good to take inventory of each player’s value.

It is important to note, trade value is defined not only by a player’s current ability, but also influenced by their long-term potential, as well as, the length and cost of their current contract.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how each player’s trade value ranks, starting at the bottom of the roster and working our way up.