Toronto Raptors: Ranking the roster’s trade value

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14. Bruno Caboclo

Perhaps Bruno Caboclo is two years away from being a valuable trade piece. As it currently stands, Caboclo is in his fourth year in the league and has yet to provide much value to the Raptors franchise.

The good news for Caboclo is, despite playing in the league for four years, he is still only 22 years old. He also is signed to a cheap, expiring deal.

Any team that receives Caboclo in a trade is likely doing so in order to match salaries. Teams might view having Caboclo in their organization for a partial season before he enters free-agency as a small positive, but Caboclo will likely be an after thought in any trade negotiation.

13. Alfonzo McKinnie

Alfonzo McKinnie’s path to the NBA could be featured in a Disney script. The 6’8″ forward averaged less than eight points per game in college, played in both Luxembourg and Mexico, and actually paid $150 in order to try-out for the Chicago Bulls.

Now playing with the Raptors, McKinnie spends the majority of his time in the G-League. During his time in the G-League and in glimpses in the NBA, McKinnie has shown the potential to develop into a three-and-D specialist.

While McKinnie does have some potential to develop into a role player, he has not accomplished much as a professional. He also was available to every team less than a year ago and only managed to earn a partially guaranteed contract.

McKinnie is on a cheap contract that is non-guaranteed for next season. He is a slightly better option than Caboclo as a throw-in although not many deals will hinge on whether he is included or not.