Toronto Raptors: Ranking the roster’s trade value

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7. Serge Ibaka

Like Valanciunas, Serge Ibaka is more talented than several players ahead of him on this list. Also like Valanciunas, there are several other factors that lower Ibaka’s value.

Ibaka has played almost a full season for the Raptors, and since his arrival he has averaged 13.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks. Offensively, Ibaka is similar to the player he was in years past, where he has regressed is on the defensive end. During his prime in Oklahoma City Ibaka averaged over three blocks per game and was noticeably bouncier than he is at this time.

Despite his decline, Serge is still a solid rim protector, particularly from the power forward position. Combine that with his ability to stretch the floor on the other end, and you still have a very productive player.

Contract-wise, Serge is neither a bargain nor a liability. Teams will not be thrilled to be paying more than $20 million for an aging veteran, but with only two years remaining, he is almost a guarantee to be productive throughout the rest of his current deal.

6. Pascal Siakam

A late first-round pick just a year ago, Pascal Siakam’s value has only grown since his time in Toronto.

Siakam is an athletic, active, energizer-bunny type player. He flies around the court with reckless abandon and is becoming more skilled each game he plays in. His handle has improved since his rookie season, and although he is not hitting them with efficiency yet, his conscience decision to shoot threes without hesitation is reassuring.

Siakam’s abilities and potential are likely to entice a wealth of interest by themselves. When combined with his two-year, $4 million contract his value is compounded. Even after his current contract runs out Siakam enters restricted free-agency, giving his former team the ability to match any offer.

Siakam has tons of interest to young teams that are looking to find high energy talent, with the ability to grow into a larger role. If Toronto were to go after a win-now move, Siakam is likely one of the first players rebuilding teams would inquire about.

5. Jakob Poeltl

Drafted with the number nine overall pick, Jakob Poeltl’s selection was somewhat puzzling at the time. The Raptors already had their big-man of the future in Jonas Valanciunas, and number nine was too high to pick a career back-up.

The pick has certainly seemed to work out. Jonas Valanciunas value has dipped since his last contract extension and Jakob Poeltl has improved considerably since his rookie year.

Currently, Poeltl is a solid finisher, great offensive rebounder, and a better defender than given credit for. He plays with a solid awareness of his strengths and weaknesses, rarely seeming overwhelmed despite his young age.

Still on his rookie deal, Poeltl is on a bargain of a contract. Poeltl still has two years remaining after the current season on his deal and will enter restricted free-agency after.

Poeltl could start on many teams around the league. Combined with his youth, at only 22-years old, and it is clear why he is so attractive to teams. Although he has not been publicly put on the trade block, It would not be surprising if the Raptors receive quite a few calls this deadline about Poeltl’s availability.