Toronto Raptors: Ranking the roster’s trade value

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4. Kyle Lowry

Despite being the teams second best player, Kyle Lowry’s trade value is not quite as high. Lowry is a seasoned veteran and still a productive scorer and facilitator, but he has already begun what appears to be a slight decline.

This season, Lowry is still averaging 17 points, 6.7 assists and 1.2 steals per game. While that is still very productive, it is also lower across the board than last season.  Lowry is also scoring less efficiently this season and is turning the ball over at a slightly higher rate.

Even with a small drop-off in skills Lowry’s abilities are not what hamstring him as a trade option. His contract is the least appealing aspect of his trade value. Lowry is set to make over $30 million per year over the next two years, easily the highest on the team.

Lowry’s age and contract also limit his options for trade landing destinations. Only a contender would want to trade for Lowry, and a large percentage of contender’s already have a point guard. Fewer bidders typically means a lower cost, and although Lowry is insanely talented it is hard to list him higher than four in these rankings.

3. Delon Wright

Another late first-round steal for the Raptors, Delon Wright has grown immensely as a player since his arrival in Toronto. Currently Delon is averaging 20 minutes, nine points, three rebounds and 2.5 assist per game. He has shown great two-way potential, with his combined length and athleticism, and perhaps most impressively is approaching the 50/40/90 club.

Delon Wright also clearly has the backing of the franchise. It is a little kept secret that the Corey Joseph deal was done in large part to provide Wright more playing time and this year he is receiving more minutes per game than Valanciunas.

Plenty of teams would love the opportunity to go after Wright, who has the potential to develop into a two-way star. It’s unlikely the Raptors trade Wright, as it appears he is being groomed to take over as point guard following the departure of Kyle Lowry. Still, if they were to ever inquire around the league his value would be very high.

2. OG Anunoby

Prior to the draft, there were concerns that OG Anunoby would miss his entire rookie season. More than half-way into the he season, Anunoby is a starter on an Eastern Conference contender and is thriving on both sides of the ball.

Even prior to the injury, scouts had concerns over OG’s shooting stroke. So far this season he is shooting greater than 36-percent from three, including greater than 45-percent on corner threes. Still a threat around the hoop, there is hope that OG’s percentages at the rim will only increase as he continues to regain explosion coming back from the injury.

In a rookie class that has been very impressive thus far, OG has ranked somewhere between 5th-10th all season.

Teams are enamoured with young talent and with potential. OG has both. General Manager Masai Ujiri has hit on several mid-to-late first rounders, and OG appears to be another hidden gem uncovered.