Toronto Raptors: Possible post trade deadline buyout candidates

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The NBA trade deadline has come and gone, with the Raptors failing to make any significant moves. With extra space cleared out, who will the Raptors target as potential buy-out signings.

The trade deadline came and gone without the Toronto Raptors making a major move.  With the exception of the Cleveland Cavaliers it was a relatively quite deadline overall, and without any real difference makers available, the Raptors decided to stay put.

The Raptors stayed put for a couple of reasons. One being, with no real glaring weaknesses on the rosters there was no clear option for general manager Masai Ujiri to target.

Another being, the composition of Toronto’s payroll. With no real bad contracts, in order to match salaries Toronto needed to give up a key part of their rotation, once you are giving that up, are you really benefiting?

And lastly, there was no reason the team’s chemistry. The Raptors currently have the best point differential in the East and are playing well. A major move only makes sense if you are getting a definitive upgrade.

With no real options available at the deadline Masai decided to prepare for the post-deadline market. He did so by trading Bruno Caboclo to the Sacramento Kings for Malachi Richardson. The deal frees up additional cap space for the Raptors to pursue buy-out candidates without entering the luxury-tax.

Who will the Raptors target with now that buy-out season is upon us? Let’s take a look at some of the available options?