Toronto Raptors: Possible post trade deadline buyout candidates

PHOENIX, AZ - FEBRUARY 2: Joe Johnson /
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CHARLOTTE, NC – JANUARY 26: Marco Belinelli
CHARLOTTE, NC – JANUARY 26: Marco Belinelli /

Marco Belinelli

What he provides

Ever since coming into the NBA Marco Belinelli has provided one thing above all else, shooting. A career 37-percent shooter, this season playing on a struggling Atlanta Hawks team, Belinelli is averaging more attempts from long-range than ever. Despite attempting more shots from beyond the arc, Belinelli has been able to maintain his efficiency.

While not a lock-down defender, Belinelli is solid on defense. He is a willing and aware defender, he is rarely caught out of position and provides enough athleticism to keep up all but the quickest of  athletes. While he likely will not provide a boost to a team’s defense, who wont impact it negatively either.

How he fits in

Belinelli would inject a helpful dose of shooting at the wing position. Something that the Raptors could definitely use. With OG Anunoby regressing slightly from three-point range, the Raptors only real consistent shooting from the wing position is C.J. Miles. Belinelli would instantly provide another shooter to match with Miles, as well as, provide insurance if C.J. were to miss any time.

Path to acquiring him

Prior to the trade-deadline Belinelli was held out of games due to trade discussions. With just one year left his current deal, it doesn’t make sense for the Hawks to keep him. However, there has not been definitive word from either camp that a buyout is imminent.

Once available Belinelli would likely be highly sought after by opposing teams as well. The Thunder and Celtics both appear to be interested, however, Toronto is probably the most likely of those three to at least make the finals. With Roberson out, the Thunder are probably the clubhouse leader in role available to offer. Perhaps additional playing time will entice Belinelli away, although the Raptors are likely to be right in the mix.