Toronto Raptors mailbag: first round matchups, Vince Carter and more

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13: Fred VanVleet
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 13: Fred VanVleet /

This week begins a new segment where we answer our readers best questions from around the internet. Here is our weekly Friday mailbag.

Karter Kox @KarterKox – Do you think we will ever see a reunion with Vince Carter or Chris Bosh before they call it quits?

For Chris Bosh I believe the answer is an almost definitive no. His health concerns are too serious and there is too much at stake to risk having him step on a basketball court, no matter how badly he wants to play.

For Vince Carter I believe there is a chance. If the Raptors wanted to bring Carter back, it would likely be in a role similar to what Kevin Garnett played his last year in Minnesota. A few minutes, veteran leadership, and a farewell tour is the most I would expect from Carter in this point of his career.

Raptors Fan Girl @Raptors 4593 – What are the chances the Raptors retain Fred VanVleet next season?

Since he has only played two-years with Toronto, the Raptors don’t have full bird rights and would not be able to offer him more than approximately $8-9 million.

However, with all the small amount of cap-space available this off-season and few teams in real title contention I believe Fred VanVleet’s contract offer might not be as lucrative as people are expecting. With VanVleet receiving less than eight million it will come down to if the Raptors are willing to pay the tax. I believe they will be willing to pay a little more next season, and even shift around a few dollars if necessary to bring him back.

I’ll say 80-percent.

Adam Khan @adkhanwriter – Are the bucks tanking to face us in the first round?

No, the Milwaukee Bucks are just a team that lacks a true identity. Their coach was fired mid-season, they are trying to work Jabari Parker back, and the roster doesn’t have an ideal fit. With Toronto playing the way they are and with Lebron being Lebron, I expect most teams would rather land in the seven spot than the six or eight seed.

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R @caji11 – What’s your ideal realistic off-season acquisition?

This is a great question that is also very dependent on how the Raptors finish the year. If Toronto is able to finally conquer the Cavaliers and make it to the NBA finals, I would expect a smaller move to perhaps add a mid-level wing such as Avery Bradley or J.J. Reddick.

If the Raptors lose to the Cavaliers once again, particularly in embarrassing fashion, expect a major overhaul. At least one of the Raptors four veteran starters will likely be gone, and it is entirely possible to see an entirely new starting frontcourt opening day.

raptor expert @racket_rumble NBA analysts don’t watch the Raptors. Every other response is centered around show us in the playoffs. How much of this do you think gets inside their head? I mean the way they’ve been emotional, points to a team with mental stability issues

This is a narrative that is often overblown. Do you really believe that any good analyst is not watching the best team in the Eastern Conference? Guys like Kevin Pelton and Zach Lowe watch every team to stay informed and aren’t skipping only Raptors games. As for playoff criticisms some are unfair, yes, but some have also been earned.

As for the team’s response. No I do not believe this is in their head. Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka have always been gabby with officials and I think the increased recent tension between players and officials is not just a Toronto problem.

If the team is getting spooked by what media is saying then we have far bigger issues anyways.

Nickolas Young @Nick_Young9 : I’ve been telling everyone they’re a lock for the Finals, what’s your opinion on their chances of getting that far?

LeBron James has made seven straight finals so to say they are a lock is quite foolish. I do believe this year’s team has a better chance than ever before and is perhaps equal to the Cavaliers come playoff time.

Lets say 45% for the Raptors, 45% for the Cavaliers, 5% Boston, and 5% something crazy happens.

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