Kyle Lowry is the Toronto Raptors Player of the Week

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 1: Kyle Lowry /

With the playoffs right around the corner, Kyle Lowry is aiming to pick up steam to help carry his team through a difficult playoff run. Lowry is the POTW.

Good news for Raptor fans, Kyle Lowry is ready for the playoffs. In back-to-back weeks Lowry has played incredible, with emphasis on his scoring and playmaking abilities. While he was already having an all-star year, he has seemingly upped it another notch in time for the playoffs.

Due to all the aforementioned reasons, the Toronto Raptors player of the week is Kyle Lowry.

On the week as a whole, Lowry averaged 24 points while dishing out 9.3 assists and snatching up 5.8 boards per game. He also shot  lights out from long distance, hitting 23 threes out of 35 three-point attempts or 65.7-percent. Lowry’s fantastic fantastic output matched his high workload, with him playing on average 33 minutes per outing.

Throughout the week

March 20th against the Orlando Magic was slated to be an easy bounce-back win for the Raptors. Instead, they found themselves down eight-points heading into the 4th quarter. Thanks to a superhero like effort from the bench, the Raptors were able to push back and win the game. During the first three-quarters Lowry helped keep the team afloat, scoring 25 points, grabbing five rebounds and dropping eight dimes.

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March 21st against the Cleveland Cavaliers was a fun but an upsetting game as the Cavs stormed back late to eventually win the game. LeBron seemingly took exception to the first half blow-out and responded by picking the Raptors apart. Lowry, trying his best, scored 24 points, handed out seven assists and battled for four rebounds.

March 23rd was a classic Raptors game as another fourth-quarter surge led them to victory against the Brooklyn Nets. If there’s anything to take away from this game it was the lack of urgency the Raptors played with. Also the fact that they trailed for most the game. Despite their struggles, Lowry had himself quite the game, posting his 3rd triple-double this season with 25 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists.

Lastly, March 25th against the Los Angeles Clippers was a tough one to swallow. After having control heading into half, the Raptors blew their lead for the second time in the same week. Lou Williams had himself (sort of) a revenge game while Lowry scored 11 points, six rebound and eight assists.

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Last notes

This week was certainly disappointing for the Raptors as they barely squeaked out victories against the Magic and the Nets. Even more disappointing were the blown leads against the Cavs and the Clippers. Hopefully, Dwane Casey will be able to settle the squad and get them back to playing Raptors basketball.