Where does each Toronto Raptor rank at their position

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Danny Green             HoopsHabit Rank: 18             Our Rank: 20

HoopsHabit ranks Danny Green as the 18th best shooting guard, just below average. I am a little more pessimistic.

Danny Green’s placement is highly dependent on how you believe his poor play was impacted by his injury at the end of last season and how much is a natural decline due to age. I tend to believe it is a little of both.

Immediately above him:

17. Andre Roberson

16. Evan Fournier

15. Zach LaVine

Wow. A lot to unpack with these three players. All three have real strengths. Two have MAJOR flaws.

I have Green ranked above Zach Lavine for next season. LaVine offers high volume, relatively efficient scoring and not much else. Scoring efficiently is the most valuable thing you can do as a player, but there are so many more facets LaVine needs to add.

For starters, he could begin by stopping anyone. Despite his physical tools, LaVine is one of the worst defenders in the NBA both by the metrics and by the tape. He is an okay passer, but can dribble the air out of the ball. He also turns the ball over at a high rate.

If he returns full healthy, he may eek out Green, but for now, I have him a step behind.

At 14 Evan Fournier is one of the most undervalued players on this list. Last season he averaged 18 points per game with an effective field goal percentage of 53.8-percent. The most impressive part, he did it in Orlando. Place Fournier in a somewhat competent offense and who knows how effective he could be.

Andre Roberson is the most flawed player in this group. In today’s NBA, to have a shooting guard who can’t shoot is crushing.

But he is one of the best 3-4 defenders in the entire NBA. The difference he made while on the court defensively is enough to offset that monumental weakness.

Immediately below him:

21. Kent Bazemore

20. Luka Doncic

19. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

I will skip Kent Bazemore. I agree that he ranks just below Danny Green.

KCP, however, I believe should be ranked just ahead of Green. Last season he shot nearly the same percentage from three, but inside the arc, he can do a few more things. Caldwell-Pope is a better creator off the dribble and has more athleticism finishing around the basket.

Defensively the two players are very similar. Green had the decisive advantage early in his career, but as he grows longer in the tooth, it’s very possible KCP has surpassed him.

Projecting a rookie is the biggest fools-errand in sports, but count me all-in on the Doncic hype machine. This kid is special, and I believe he will be special early. This could look very dumb in a couple of months, but I have him ahead of Green also.

Surprise pick: 24. Bogdan Bogdanovic

I am amazed at how low Bogdanovic is on this list. In his rookie season in Sacramento, Bogdanovic averaged 12 points, three assists, and three rebounds per game, with above average efficiency. Again as a rookie (granted a 25 year-old rookie), in Sacramento. 

Bogdanovic can shoot it, is smart, and is athletic. His defense isn’t great, but is better than most Euro guys are given credit for. He is vastly underrated on this list.

Overall, that ranks Green at 20. If he returns healthy and looks like the 2016-2017 version of himself, he may increase up to the upper-half of the league.