Where does each Toronto Raptor rank at their position

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas
TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas /
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Serge Ibaka            HoopsHabit Rank: 12            Our Rank: 14

For starters, I believe that this spot should belong to OG Anunoby, rather than Serge Ibaka. It’s still unclear at this time who is going to start, but I have my money on OG.

It’s  hard to compare our ranking of OG to a non-existent one, so I will stick with Ibaka for this exercise. Even though he might enter the season as the back-up, HoopsHabit has Ibaka as the 12th best power forward. I have him slightly lower at 14.

Immediately above him:

11. Harrison Barnes

10. Aaron Gordon

9. Dario Saric

Perhaps the most surprising name on this list, Dario Saric, is ranked ninth overall. Make no mistake, Saric can play. He is an impressive scorer, an above-average defender, and canny secondary play-maker. Last season he played at a very high level in a role that wasn’t a perfect fit.

I’m not sure how Aaron Gordon is below Saric, but he is certainly ahead of Ibaka. He is a capable shooter, switchable on defense, and my god he is explosive. 

Barnes isn’t quite the defender Ibaka is, but he is a much more capable scorer. Last season Barnes averaged 19 points per game, largely unassisted. Ibaka couldn’t do that on 30 attempts a night.

Immediately below him:

15. Thaddeus Young

14. Derrick Favors

13. Nikola Mirotic

Ibaka belongs ahead of Mirotic. Mirotic exploded at the end of last season, but it’s easy to explode next to Anthony Davis. Ibaka doesn’t have the upside of Mirotic, but he is a more steady option.

I also have Ibaka>Favors. As a center, give me Derrick Favors. If they are playing power forward, give me Ibaka.

Defensively the two players are very similar, although Ibaka is slightly more mobile. Offensively, Favors is a more complete player, but Ibaka’s ability to stretch the floor is more important.

Thad Young is the first player I have hopping over Ibaka. He is a better fit as a power forward in today’s NBA. Young is big enough to bang with the elite offensive power forwards defensively. (He locked-up Kevin Love in the first round of the playoffs.) And he is quick enough to hang with the modern stretch-fours.

Offensively he does so many more things than Ibaka. He is a threat off the dribble after a tough close out and is a solid passer. At this point in his career, Ibaka isn’t much more than a pick-and-pop threat.

Surprise pick 19. Trevor Ariza

As a whole, these rankings were incredibly close to my personal list. This choice, I don’t understand.

Ariza averaged 12 points a game on incredibly efficient shooting last season. He was Houston’s most trusted wing-defender and the third best player on the second best team in the NBA last season.

To place him below players like Ibaka and Mirotic feels foolish.