Where does each Toronto Raptor rank at their position

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas
TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas /
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TORONTO, ON – APRIL 14: John Wall
TORONTO, ON – APRIL 14: John Wall /

Jonas Valanciunas            HoopsHabit Rank: 15          Our Rank: 12

Finally! A ranking we can complain about. It was getting awfully annoying discounting our own guys.

When comparing JV to the rest of the centers he is around, it becomes abundantly clear: This ranking is horrific.

Immediately below him:

18. Aron Baynes

17. DeAndre Ayton

16. Hassan Whiteside

No real arguments on this end.

It’s possible Ayton is better than JV his rookie season, it’s just not very likely. Ayton was bad on defense in college, and rookies typically struggle defensively. Ayton has the ability to be good, just don’t expect a consistent impact on both ends next season.

You could argue Hassan Whiteside is better than JV, it’s just not an argument I won’t stick around for.

You could argue Aaron Baynes is better than JV, it’s just not an argument anyone will stick around for.

Immediately above him:

14. Dwight Howard

13. Myles Turner

12. Jusuf Nurkic

I will get Myles Turner out-of-the-way first, because I believe this ranking is correct. I put the chances that Turner surpasses JV next season at just about 51-percent. He hasn’t been better yet, but he has been good, and the tools are there.

Next, let’s talk Nurkic. Nurkic is JV who can’t shoot and sometimes has an occasional attitude problem. Valanciunas can stretch the floor beyond the arc, and you know doesn’t quit on his team. That matters.

Speaking of poor attitudes. I present Dwight Howard. There are plenty examples of why Dwight is not as good as JV, but I can simply sum it up by saying he was traded almost exclusively for Timofey Mozgov.  

Others above him:

10. Marc Gasol:

In many ways, JV’s game resembles a poor-man’s version of prime Marc Gasol: ability to stretch the floor, crafty passer, and deterrent around the rim. (Again I said poor-man’s version, perhaps very poor)

But at this time, Gasol moves worse than JV, is more injury prone, and simply not the same player. Last season Gasol was still a hair better, I bet JV surpasses him this season.

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Again, these rankings are largely subjective and an inherently flawed process. But enjoy the controversy, give some takes, and tell me why I got some of my own rankings wrong as well.