Toronto Raptors: How good can Fred VanVleet be next season?

Toronto Raptors - Fred VanVleet (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors - Fred VanVleet (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Toronto Raptors – Fred VanVleet gets blown by Giannis Antetokounmpo (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) /


VanVleet’s physical limitations are glaringly obvious; the more important question is how does it impact his game?

Offensively, VanVleet struggles to score in ways other than the three-point shot. Last season, FVV shot only 46.3-percent inside the paint and only 18.5 percent from mid-range. In totality, VanVleet hit only 43.7 percent of his shots from inside the arc, only 2.3-percent greater than his percentage from three.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is VanVleet’s poor percentages on floaters. FVV hit only 12 of 49 shots inside the paint, but not in the restricted area. No player should live in mid-range and floater territory, but having an effective shot in those areas can open up the rest of the floor.

Defensively, VanVleet is a bulldog who’s effort makes up for many of his limitations. But those limitations still exist.

Generously listed as six-foot flat, VanVleet doesn’t have the size to defend positions other than point guard consistently. That’s okay. Many players can guard only one position, but it does limit your defensive flexibility.

The bigger problem for VanVleet defensively is his ability to matchup with elite perimeter athletes. No one has success when guarding the Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving types, but without even above-average length or quickness, VanVleet faces a tougher road than most.