Ranking the Toronto Raptors roster based on their current contracts

Toronto Raptors - Pascal Siakam (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
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No. 15: C.J. Miles

Season Win Shares: -0.1          Current cap-figure: $8.3 million

Before last season, the Raptors brought wing C.J. Miles in to be their version of the departed P.J. Tucker of whom they acquired in a mid-season trade with the Phoenix Suns.

At a clip of $8.3 million per year, with the three-year pact ending after next season, Miles has been a disappointment.

Though a lesser defender, Miles was brought in as a replacement for the Raptors’ trade acquisition after several years with the Indiana Pacers. During his time with the Pacers, Miles proved his worth from beyond the arc. As a member of the Raptors, Miles hasn’t been as advertised.

After a decent year in his first across the northern border, Miles has played only 14.4 minutes per game this year. In his decreased playing time, the wing has posted 4.9 points on 3.4 attempts from outside per game.

It’s not impossible that Miles regains some of his prior from last season. He doesn’t look significantly slower, older, or more of a defensive liability. For Miles to move back up this list, he simply needs to hit shots. As he continues to receive fewer and fewer minutes, that seems less likely.

The minimal playing time has sandwiched multiple games in which Miles didn’t receive a single for the team. Having a player with the eighth-largest contract who can’t even manage to find his way on the court, is less than ideal