Toronto Raptors: 30 greatest players of all-time

(Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
(Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images) /
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Toronto Raptors (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images) /

Since the team’s inception in 1995, over 200 players have played for the Toronto Raptors. Today we find out who the 30 greatest players in team history are.

So, this is pretty big. I’m not trying to subtly hint that this is the definitive list of the top 30 Toronto Raptors of all time, but it should be, even though it is by no means perfect. In fact, it’s far from perfect. It is the imperfect rankings.

How do you whittle down such a large list? This isn’t the Bachelor, nor is it the playoffs, where each team is objectively a postseason-caliber team. There will be disagreements, some players might be here due to the longevity of their tenure with the team, others purely for the short-term impact they’ve had on the team.

It’s a tough gig being an NBA player, or so I would imagine. The extent of my NBA career stretches to being benched in the fourth quarter by the Phoenix Suns on 2K, while sitting in my bedroom halfway across the world. Every player’s main objective is to win, win championships, personal accolades and the lot.

Toronto doesn’t have the opportunity to boast about lifting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, so winning achievements won’t necessarily cloud my judgment when it comes to deciding the difference between the 27th and 28th best players. As for personal accolades, they extend as far as All-NBA appearances and the occasional Sixth-Man of the Year winner.

Unencumbered by any real bias, but laden with the pressure of such a tall order, I shall begin.