Toronto Raptors: 30 greatest players of all-time

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5. Jose Calderon

Calderon’s eight seasons in Toronto were spent displacing and being replaced by a mirage of point guards, he even gave Kyle Lowry a little scare early on in Lowry’s Raptors career.

A merry-go-round of T.J. Fords and Jarrett Jacks meant that while Calderon was often the go-to starter, it never felt like the job was 100-percent his, even though he appeared in over 500 games over eight seasons.

Calderon took his time to adapt to the up-tempo style of the NBA, something that proved to be a knock against him, that and his overall defensive acumen. Calderon was the prototypical Euro point guard — crafty, shifty and all of the adjectives that describe a street corner hustler, except Calderon was maybe the most lovable man to ever don the Raptors uniform.

Ranking third in games played, in the top ten for true shooting percentage and third in assists per game, Calderon really was a mainstay who could do a bit of everything on offense.

His shooting picked up after his rookie year, and he went on to shoot 38 percent from three while playing for Toronto. Before being traded to the Pistons midway through the 2012-13 season, Calderon was hitting 42 percent of his 3-point attempts in 45 games.

Calderon passed the torch to Kyle Lowry that season, and has came back to haunt the Raptors numerous times since his departure, most notably in the 2017-18 season, where he was knocking down what felt like all of his shots against the Raptors.